10 actors fans want to see on the MCU TV series

With series like Hawk Eye and Ms. Marvel Just around the corner and many more Disney + series in development, it’s clear that streaming will be a major focus of attention for the Marvel Cinematic Universe from now on. Marvel series on Disney + have huge production values ​​and budgets more like big screen movies than previous Marvel TV series, making for some of the biggest names in the world. from Hollywood.

Fan speculation has skyrocketed with fan-casting and excitement is high when considering who might appear. Whether it’s an actor from a previous Marvel property or an actor new to the MCU, there are some stars fans want to see on Marvel shows.

10 fans want Lana Condor to have another chance at the Jubilee

Even Peters playing a version of Quicksilver on Wandavision shows that there is precedent for actors from Fox’s Marvel franchise reprising their roles. Although Peters didn’t exactly play his Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men franchise, to the disappointment of fans, that doesn’t mean that other actors can’t continue to play the same characters. Lana Condor as Jubilee was a brilliant casting decision on Fox’s part.

Sadly, the casting was wasted and Condor’s Jubilee was hardly used. Lana Condor’s fame has only increased since her brief stint at Jubilee with series such as To All The Boys from Netflix. Both Condor and Jubilee deserve better, and this is a casting Marvel would do well not to forget.

9 fans want Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson to be resurrected again

Clarke Gregg played Phil Coulson from the beginning of the MCU, and also for years after his death in the Avengers on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which aired on ABC. Although that series is almost certainly no longer canon at this point, Gregg and Coulson are already well established in the MCU and could easily return in a future Disney + series.

Technically, Gregg has already voiced his character again in episode 3 of Marvel’s What If…? so it would not be unreasonable to assume that it could reappear in live action, especially with the multiverse that comes into play.

8 Anna Kendrick is still a Squirrel Girl fan favorite

Anna Kendrick was long a fan favorite to play Squirrel Girl in the MCU, and while fan casting rarely happens, anything is possible. Squirrel Girl is a character who probably wouldn’t make her debut in a solo movie, but Marvel’s new approach to streaming means she wouldn’t have to have her origins in the movies.

Plus, the movie-sized budgets that Disney + shows receive indicate that a star like Kendrick can be hired, even for an out-of-the-ordinary property like Squirrel Girl. Ironically, if the pilot of New Warriors If Freeform had moved on, Squirrel Girl would probably have been sidelined. However, with the cancellation of that series, Kendrick as Squirrel Girl remains a possibility, small as it may be.

7 fans really want John Krasinski in the MCU

John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic and Emily Blunt as Invisible Woman could be the most fan-commented casting in MCU history. Still, if it ever came true, they would make their big screen debut in the next Fantastic Four reboot. For Krasinski, there is another possible character he could play in the vast Marvel multiverse.

Before Chris Evans was cast in the role of Captain America, John Krasinski was the frontrunner, and Evans barely missed the role. Any Disney + project exploring the multiverse could feature Krasinski as a different version of Captain America.

6 fans want Anya Taylor-Joy to play Magik in the MCU

New Mutants It was the last remnant of Fox’s X-Men franchise, and when the long-overdue movie finally came out, it came and went with little fanfare. However, a very well received aspect of the film was Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik. As of now, there is no confirmation that Marvel is reprising any X-Men characters from Fox aside from Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool. However, if they do, they should seriously consider keeping Taylor-Joy as Magik.

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the hottest young stars of the moment, and her portrayal of Magik seems straight off the page. Any future series that includes mutants or magic could feature Illyana. Also, the character would be exciting enough that Taylor-Joy could carry out a series of her own.

5 fans want Liam Hemsworth to audition again

Another high-profile casting was Liam Hemsworth, who lost the role of Thor to his brother. Marvel made the right decision in hindsight to be sure, but that doesn’t mean Liam Hemsworth can’t join the MCU as another character. Like Krasinski, Hemsworth could play an alternate version of Thor from somewhere else in the Marvel multiverse.

He could also play another character closely related to the God of Thunder, perhaps Marvel’s Hercules. With all the ads for Marvel shows on Disney +, none have focused on any character from the Thor movies. If Marvel ends up releasing a Thor-related series, it would be a great opportunity for Liam Hemsworth to get a role.

4 fans want more of Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones

It is strongly rumored that Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Matt Murdock and make an appearance on Spider-Man: No Way Home. If Cox returns, it could open the door for more Netflix characters to make the jump to the MCU. Besides Daredevil, the Netflix character fans really want to portray is Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones.

Jessica herself is rumored to appear in the upcoming Disney + series of She-Hulk, although it is far from confirmed. Until it is released Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans are left wondering how the Netflix characters will be reintroduced, or if they will even return.

3 fans want to see Jeffery Wright as the Vigilante in real action

Jeffery Wright already has an important role in Disney +, as narrator of the animated series What If…? from Marvel. However, it would be a waste for an actor of Wright’s caliber to stick to just a voice role, and fans are already expecting Wright to appear as The Watcher in one of Marvel’s live-action series.

With the Observer gradually taking a more active role in What If…? It would make sense for him to get involved in live-action multiverse events. With the end of the Loki season, which spawned so many timelines, the second season would be a good place for the Observer to appear.

2 fans want Chloe Bennet to come back as Quake

Coulson could be the most likely character of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to return, but the character fans want to see the most is Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson. Marvel has several options for how they might proceed when it comes to reintroducing Bennet into the MCU. They could establish that everything that happened in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. happened in an alternate timeline, and then just having Bennet appear as the same character in a separate series or even his own Quake spinoff set in the MCU proper.

Alternatively, following Daisy’s version of the sacred timeline would allow Marvel the freedom to give her a new origin without any prior baggage. Regardless, if Marvel has plans for Quake in the future, fans are hoping that Bennet will be the only one considered for the role.

1 Fans want Robert Downey Jr. on Ironheart

Whether on television or on the big screen, the actor fans want to see is Robert Downey Jr. making his return as Tony Stark. While a fourth Iron Man installment or an Avengers return is unlikely, a Robert Downey Jr. appearance on Disney + is surprisingly plausible. Fans have speculated that Downey could appear as an artificial intelligence version of himself in the upcoming serieIronheart starring Dominique Thorne.

Appearing as an AI would allow Tony Stark and Downey to continue in the MCU going forward and have a mentoring relationship with Riri Willaims without undoing their sacrifice. The AI ​​Tony is how fans want to see Downey back; Disney and Marvel just have to make it happen.

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10 actors fans want to see on the MCU TV series