1990s frights haunt again on Netflix show

For all our technology, we’ve kinda gotten worse at making nightmares come alive. Horror movies are slick things, thanks to aesthetics refined into CGI gloss.

But there’s something about the ghost of the near past, so familiar and so foreign, that’s a special brand of chilling.

“Brand New Cherry Flavor” understands. Eight episodes of the new series created by Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion are now streaming on Netflix.

Set in early 1990s Los Angeles, “Brand New Cherry Flavor” brings single-minded new filmmaker Lisa (played by Rosa Salazar) to Los Angeles. She’s trying to get her unsettling college short film — with an indelible, horrific final shot that we don’t see right away, which characters wonder how she got — made into a feature. With her in the director’s chair, of course.