7 series and movies that we recommend to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO, Filmin or free in open – Series news

‘Offering to the storm’, ‘Jersey Boys’, ‘Remember me’ and ‘Dollface’ are a small preview of our proposals.

The heat is going to be the protagonist of this weekend, and to combat it we come up with an infallible plan that you will surely not be able to refuse: enjoy some of the series and movies that we recommend without leaving home. Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys; David Fincher’s ‘thriller’, Lost; the Kat Dennings series, Dollface, and the third and last installment of the Baztán trilogyOffering to the storm, are just some of the titles that we suggest you to see in the coming days.

‘Jersey Boys’: A Great Clint Eastwood Movie About The Four Seasons

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Why do I recommend it? Jersey Boys It’s one of those movies of Clint Eastwood that could have gone unnoticed in its premiere back in 2014. Although surely many think that it is not one of his best films, it is quite entertaining with a great cast and a good direction. The story follows the career of the Four Seasons, a group of friends whose music became the symbol of an entire generation. The clashes that had the triumph, the relationship between them or how their success affected their personal life are just some of the topics that Jersey Boys deals with.

You will like it if … you’re a fan of the Four Seasons and Clint Eastwood’s filmography.

Where to see it: Saturday, July 25 at 10:00 p.m. in La 2.

‘Lost’: Looking for Amy Dunne

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Why do I recommend it? In 2014, David Fincher brought to the big screen the adaptation of the novel by Gillian Flynn Lost. The American author is one of those writers who has the words ‘thriller’, mystery and ‘bestseller’ written on her forehead. The plot follows Nick, a man married to Amy Dunne. Your marriage is watering and on your wedding anniversary, the protagonist mysteriously disappears y Nick becomes the prime suspect. But Perdida is not your typical disappearance story. Lost uses the excuse of Amy’s absence to address issues such as deceptiveness of appearances, the power of the media, manipulation and, ultimately, that nobody is what they say they are. Something that resonates enormously in our era with applications like Instagram in which to pretend and fake an idyllic life by mass search for the easy ‘like’ and attracting attention is the priority.

Lost critics and the public liked it in its day. Even Rosamund Pike, the actress in charge of giving life to Amy Dunne, took a nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars of 2015. Ben Affleck plays his protagonist Nick and accompanying him in the cast are names such as Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry , Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, and Emily Ratajkowski. After watching it, you will not be able to stop asking yourself this question: can I really get to know the people who are part of my life?

You will like it if … You are passionate about ‘thrillers’ and mystery stories.

Where to see it: Netflix.


Aída S. Anyolini

Why do I recommend it? In the middle of the Twilight phenomenon, Remember Me was the first film starring Robert Pattinson in which he distanced himself from the vampire Edward Cullen and, of course, in the face of such an event there was much expectation to see the actor in another role. On this occasion, in the film directed by Allen Coulter (Sex and the City, The Sopranos), Pattinson plays Tyler, a young man living in New York, tortured by the suicide of his brother and the divorce of his parents (Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin), who have not been able to cope with such a tragic situation. Desolate and with a broken family, he meets Ally -performed by Emilie de Ravin-, ua lovely girl who is also learning to cope with the death of a relative. Both of you will help each other to go through these difficult times, despite the fact that they face their day to day in very different ways.

Although it could be a fairly standard love story – a rebellious boy meets a mature and responsible girl and they fall in love – and that may not attract your attention at first, its surprising ending will not leave you indifferent. A claim to live in the moment and take advantage of the time we have with the people we love.

You will like it if … Do you like romantic movies.

Where to see it: Netflix.

‘Offering to the storm’: Fantasy and mystery

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Why do I recommend it? After The Invisible Guardian and Legacy in the Bones, the last film has finally arrived to culminate the saga: Offering to the storm. The film adaptation of the Baztán Trilogy by the writer Dolores Redondo, is once again directed by Fernando González Molina. The crimes and Machiavellian acts continue in a ghostly and mythological background, as we used to see in previous installments. The bad weather, the rains and the constant clouds of the Navarrese valley contribute, even more, that feeling of darkness to the story. This film shares the same common thread with the previous ones, The trilogy revolves around the Salazar family and what happens in the town of Elizondo. The protagonist, Inspector Amaia Salazar, this time he will have to face terrible criminal acts, like the sudden death of a baby, which will start the plot of this latest installment. Amaia will have to rely on the past to sow good and preserve her family. In addition to Marta Etura as the protagonist of the trilogy, the rest of the cast remains. Susi Sánchez, Pedro Casablanc, Paco Tous, Imanol Arias or Elvira Mínguez are just some of the names that make up this great cast of actors and actresses that we can find in Offering to the storm.

You will like it if … you like fantastic movies and mythological beings

Where to see it: Netflix.

‘Dollface’: Learning About Sisterhood with Kat Dennings

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Why do I recommend it? Kat Dennings it is my spirit animal. Virgin at 40, Nick and Nora, a night of music and love, the Thor saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his Max Black from Two Girls Without a White … It hurt my soul that they canceled the series that he starred in with the also hilarious Beth Behrs and that is why I wanted so much to see Dollface, his latest fiction for Hulu, available in full in Spain through HBO – its first season consists of ten episodes and a second is already underway.

Created by Jordan Weiss (Harley Quinn) and with Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey) as producer, Dollface has as protagonist Jules Wiley (Dennings), a young woman who works as a web designer at a wellness company called Woöm and who has never been good at having a gang of friends. When your boyfriend communicates to you abruptly that he is no longer in love with her, After five years!, Wiley begins to have the most bizarre visions (the enlightening) and reconnect with her friends Madison Maxwell (Brenda Song) and Stella Cole (Shay Mitchell), whom he had left out. His vision of feminism may be somewhat simplistic and superficial at times, but the ‘adorkable’ character of his protagonist, everything that goes through his head as he learns about sorority and surreal characters like those of Esther Povitsky (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and Malin Akerman (Watchmen) make it all worth it.

You will like it if … You miss New Girl’s Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), you loved Ally McBeal and Scrubs’ craziest and dreamlike situations, or you can’t wait for Disney + to release WandaVision, starring Dennings as Darcy Lewis.

Where to see it: HBO.

‘Inseparable’: twins disturb twice

Paula Aránzazu

Why do I recommend it? All David Cronenberg is highly recommended for cinephile health, but in Inseparables the Canadian filmmaker made a considerable leap in terms of production and aesthetic ambition. Because if his first productions (They came from within …, Rabia and Chromosome 3) displayed a grim staging, at the service of his disturbing films that formed the concept of new meat, in Inseparables, his next film after the smash hit from The Fly, Cronenberg dressed up as a sophisticated metteur en scène to put into pictures the book Twins, by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland.
Inseparable is the story of twins Beverly and Elliot Mantor (of the roles played by a single actor: Jeremy Irons), two famous gynecologists who share everything: flat, clinic, customs and even lovers. Until the day that Claire Niveau appears in their lives (Geneviève Bujold), a famous actress who wants to undergo fertility treatment. Majestic, disturbing and iconic, Inseparable It is without doubt one of the most outstanding films of Cronenberg’s impressive filmography.

You will like it if … they put the wicked stories on you, confess it!

Where to see it: Your movie.

‘Street Food: Latin America’: Fall in love with street food with a Latin flavor

Lorena Vialás

Why do I recommend it? I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t go crazy with Latin American food, with delicious Mexican tacos, Argentine empanadas or Colombian arepas. If you are one of them, you are going to enjoy watching the new season of Street Food. If in its first season this documentary series brought us closer to the most fabulous street food stalls in Asia, this time we have the pleasure of travel to South America to meet with names and surnames some of the creators of the best ‘street food’ on the continent. Street Food: Latinoamérica takes us to Buenos Aires, Argentina), where you can discover the delicious tortillas, the dumplings and the classic chori-pan, among other succulent dishes. It also takes us to Salvador (Brazil) with their dishes full of African influences; Oaxaca (Mexico), where the famous triumph sorry; Lima Peru), a city where you can breathe smell of delicious ceviche; Bogota Colombia), the place of arepas, and finally, shows us the incredible chola sandwiches, so characteristic of La Paz, Bolivia). I’m sure that after this long list of dishes it will be almost impossible for you not to see the docuserie at once. Of course, do it on a full stomach or you will have to get up to raid the fridge.

You will like it if … You are a lover of cooking documentaries and if every time you see a street food stall, you go for it.

Where to see it: Netflix.

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7 series and movies that we recommend to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO, Filmin or free in open – Series news