8 actors who played their own relatives in real life

Biopics and true stories are common in Hollywood, and some of the most unique accounts in history happen to be of the factual variety. And although these films can be given a margin of maneuver in terms of the truth and the freedoms that can be taken with it, one aspect that must always be taken into account is that of the actors who represent the historical figures. After all, these are real-world people with very genuine families, descendants and legacies, so the care that goes into the cast is even more important.

It is understandable that the results are mixed, since no casting is a guaranteed success, especially when it comes to historical figures. However, in the past, when choosing these icons, filmmakers have turned to the real relatives of the people they bring to life, and most of the time the results have been fantastic.

8 O’Shea Jackson Jr. plays like Ice Cube

For years, fans have been thinking of a biopic of the iconic rap group NWA in their heads and on message boards all over the internet, but it would be nearly impossible to find someone better suited to portray O’Shea “Ice Cube.” Jackson than his own son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. Even for a father-son duo, the pair share a striking resemblance to each other, and with Jackson Jr. studying his father’s mannerisms from a young age, it was essentially the role. that he was born to interpret.

There are times when seeing Straight Outta Compton the viewer forgets that he is not seeing the real Ice Cube in his younger days.

7 Melissa Rivers makes a stunning appearance as a young Joan

Known mostly for appearing as herself in cameo roles or as a guest star, Melissa Rivers would take a bold step outside of her comfort zone in Joy, 2015. Melissa appeared as her mother Joan, one of the most influential figures in comedy, in the true story of Joy Mangano, masterfully portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence.

If you squint, you might see Joan Rivers herself in the movie, as a hint of makeup and hairstyle made Melissa almost indistinguishable from her mother on screen. Melissa said that she had practiced her mother’s gestures, but decided not to imitate her voice to avoid the risk of parody.

6 Michael Gandolfini gets into the shoes of the Soprano family

Sometimes a role seems too legendary to be reinterpreted, but in the case of Tony Soprano, a solution was presented in the form of the late James Gandolfini’s son, Michael. Although he won’t be playing his father like he did in real life, Michael Gandolfini will step into the role of his father’s most iconic character. Michael will play a younger version of the character in the upcoming Sopranos prequel.

The Many Saints Of Newark It will premiere on HBO in early October 2021, and Michael Gandolfini will have the opportunity to build on both the Soprano and Gandolfini legacies. Jon Bernthal, Ray Liotta and Vera Farmiga will also star.

5 Shia LaBeouf portrays his father with great insight

Shia LaBeouf has certainly had his share of ups and downs and controversies in his time of fame, but the talented actor has earned praise and acclaim over the years for his strong performances in films such as American Honey and Berg Vs McEnroe.

LaBeouf would step up as a screenwriter with his script for Honey Boy 2019. The film is based on LaBeouf’s relationship with his father, offering a grim but captivating look at the struggles the actor faces in his life. Shia took on the role of her own father for the film, earning praise for her performance, which some called the best of her career.

4 Tom Hanks embraces the healthy role of Mr. Rogers

The relative, in this case, is distant, but it does not stop being a relative. During the filming of his role as Mr. Rogers in A beautiful day in the neighborhood, Tom Hanks discovered that he was related to the man he portrayed in front of the camera. It turns out that Fred Rogers and Hanks have the same great-great-grandfather, which makes them sixth cousins.

Perhaps the good boy trait was passed down from generation to generation. Ultimately, he left the world with two screen legends known for their ability to effortlessly brighten the lives of their audiences.

3 Benedict Cumberbatch accepted a royal role

Benedict Cumberbatch, one of Britain’s hottest actors, has had an astonishing rise to fame in recent years with his role as Doctor Strange in the MCU, but this classically trained actor has been receiving awards and accolades for over twenty years. . His roles have been highly varied, playing real-life characters in abundance, and in 2016, he took on the role of King Richard III in the British film series, The Hollow Crown.

Cumberbatch does not play a former king of England, but a distant relative. Cumberbatch and Richard III are third cousins ​​sixteen times, so the relationship may be distant, but the blood ties are there.

2 Geraldine Chaplin plays the mother of an all-time great

Being the daughter of one of the most recognizable and significant stars in film would leave one with huge shoes to fill, but Geraldine Chaplin embraced her acting career fearlessly, winning accolades and awards, including multiple Golden Globe nominations, the third of which would come for his role in Chaplin, a biopic of his father’s life starring Robert Downey Jr. of MCU fame in the title role.

Geraldine played her own real-life grandmother, Hannah Chaplin, in the film and earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her efforts.

1 The Rock raises his eyebrows on That ’70s Show

The most electrifying man on the sports show was in his day that, simply one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first acting role was in the hit comedy That ’70s Show, in which he played his own father, wrestling legend and former WWE Tag Team Champion Rocky Johnson.

The Rock demonstrated the comedic gifts and charisma that would make him one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Many follow in their father’s footsteps, but Dwayne Johnson blazed a trail few could have imagined.

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8 actors who played their own relatives in real life