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Just like “If I Were 30,” “Afterlife of the Party” captures the essence of human vindication, but it is not an essential drama-comedy. Although the star Victoria Justice and with that already add welcome, let’s analyze whether or not it is worth seeing this original series of Netflix that in his few hours on the platform has already added one or another star among the audience.

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A couple is about to get married and tragically his girlfriend dies on the wedding day, shortly after, reappears as a spirit in front of the medium that the widower contacted, coincidentally between the woman and the man a romance arises. The film starring Eva Longoria and Paul Rudd is called “My ex is a ghost”, it was released in 2008 and has the same commercially entertaining concept of ‘Hey, let’s make a movie where there’s a ghost, but keep it cool’.

“Afterlife of the party” es otra de those nonessential movies about a comic ghost you don’t have to see before you die. You would waste your time, if you were a very cold person, or you would end up crying profusely, if you were very sensitive, because it touches on two issues that lead any human being to squirm: death and vindication.

Let’s review the checks and blades that the movie starring ex-Nickelodeon diva Victoria Justice can have.


Is going to party risky? In the midst of the pandemic, yes. But in a normal context, it really is necessary to question whether a comedy that shows a teenage partying girl dying in her bathroom after a supposedly crazy night should be in the children’s section, albeit with a dialogue treatment so subtle that it feels more passed through warm water in his attempt. Would young people really approve of dying that way or would they see it as absurd?

(Foto: Netflix)
(Foto: Netflix)

In the opening minutes of “Beyond the Party,” there’s an atmosphere copied from “If I Had 30,” the legendary 2004 romance starring Jennifer Garner. Cassie, a teenager lives alone and goes from party to party, does not care about her family and is focused on social life and external beauty, so much so that her father Howard (Adam García) wants to be viral enough on his social network to reach the ears of his indifferent daughter for her to consider liking his photos of the day. Until everything ends when he dies and must correct the mistakes that in life damaged his family.

The multifaceted director Stephen Herek (“Critters” and “MacGyver”) wanted to test two actresses, Victoria Justice and Midori Francis, as the two best friends who can communicate, even when one is dead and the other alive. Artists don’t do it bad, but the casting direction could choose them or other professionals and that would not make a difference, because a large percentage of ‘dramedia’ falls on melodramatic tears, clichéd gestures accompanied by an idle camera, with simple shots, and the sudden and unbelievable mood swings of the characters.

(Foto: Netflix)
(Foto: Netflix)


One day, overnight, Cassie is left with no choice but to vindicate her hostile dealings with her father and find forgiveness with her mother and her best friend, but the effect of “If she were 30” does not leave her alone. to the viewer: how does someone frivolous sympathize? he deserves it? What a pity to be miserable forever!

Well, the subject that more connection cause is the death of a loved one, which is present in the last minutes of the “Afterlife of the party”, as well as the importance of friendship. That’s when it’s funny that, in the 21st century, the best way to talk to the ghost of my best friend in public would be by using some Apple brand airpods to pretend I’m actually talking on the phone.

(Foto: Netflix)
(Foto: Netflix)


There is companionship between best friends, a strong and interesting concept about life and death, but there is no time to feel it. Suddenly, the characters dance when they are upset, without knowing much about them, they show us important links and the music is sometimes a filler that misfires the moment. It may be a script error that the film begins with a momentous event, such as the death of the protagonist, without having given us time to understand the importance of the event. For that and other details mentioned before, “Afterlife of the party” is inside the giant trunk of Netflix, but basically it’s the same as if it weren’t there.


In its initial five hours of premiere in Netflix Latinoamérica, Rotten Tomatoes and Imbd have added intermediate ratings (5.6) from audience and in reviews, approximately, a “fair” rating.


Synopsis: A teenage girl dies on her birthday and must do everything to correct her mistakes in life, but with the help of a fairy godmother.

Gender: comedy, youth movies, reboots.

List: Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Robyn Scott, Adam García.

Classification: 7+.

Year: 2021.

Similar series: If I was 30, my ex is a ghost, a matter of time.

Author Rating: ★★



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