Amazon Prime Video: June Releases in the Mexico Catalog – Movie News

Amazon Prime Video has prepared several interesting releases throughout June for the Mexico catalog and include exclusive titles such as’ Solos’, an anthology that could well be compared to ‘Modern Love, but with a different theme.

Like every month Amazon Prime Video presents its premieres for the Mexico catalog, this time those related to June And there is a variety for all tastes, from films by renowned directors such as Quentin Tarantino, through reality shows, sports series and even exclusive titles, such as the anthology Solos in which various stars from the entertainment world star in short stories about the meaning of being human; something like Modern Love, but with a different theme. Check out what’s new below:

The Wedding Guest (1/6/2021): Jay (Dev Patel) is a man with a secret, who travels from Britain to Pakistan to attend a wedding, armed with duct tape, a shotgun and a plan to kidnap his future wife.

Sun – Season 1 (6/4/2021): Víctor is a young diver turned military intelligence agent. He adopts the war on drugs as his life mission and faces the disappointment of an endless war, in addition to caring for his son, who loses to the temptation of cocaine.

Isabel: The Intimate Story of the Writer Isabel Allende – Season 1 (6/4/2021): Bioserie starring Daniela Ramírez and that follows the struggle and passion of Isabel Allende, who is willing to break the social rules of the time in order to achieve her happiness, that of her loved ones and do justice facing political conflicts with his literary works

Iron Mask (4/6/2021): English traveler Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) is ordered to draw a map of the Russian Far East. Once again he sets out on a long journey full of incredible adventures that will finally take him to China, where he faces a host of impressive discoveries, strange creatures and much more.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (6/4/2021): Cryptozoology agency Monarch faces off against a variety of colossal-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who deals with Mothra, Rodan, and their final nemesis, King Ghidorah. Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown star in this film that belongs to the MonsterVerse.

At war with my grandfather (6/10/2021): Peter (Oakes Fegley) is upset about sharing the room he loves with his newcomer grandfather (Robert De Niro), so he decides to declare war on him in an attempt to regain his space.

Latin Flow – Season 1 (6/11/2021): Follow the lives and careers of nine Colombian singers, dancers, songwriters and producers in the creative process behind a hit, composing and rehearsing in the studio, producing a single, releasing their album and recording a video musical or prepare your next show.

In the heart of Sergio Ramos – Season 2 (6/18/2021): The great sporting milestones of an unrepeatable career are relived, that of Sergio Ramos in one of the strangest and most complex seasons in the history of football.

Chivas: The Sacred Flock (6/18/2021): Join the Chivas de Guadalajara during one of their most recent seasons, under the promise of institutional rebirth with the reinforcement of new talents.

loose in floripa – Season 2 (6/18/2021): Bia, Ramon, Tay, Luan, Nath and Murilo return to Florianópolis to enjoy their summer vacations. Now they have the presence of a new friend, Anna, and they are ready to explore all the natural beauties and the attractions of the night scene of this magical island.

Bosch – Season 7 and Final (6/25/2021): When a girl dies in an arson fire, Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) risks everything to bring his killer to justice, despite opposition from powerful forces.

Alone – Season 1 (6/25/2021): Starring Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu, the seven-part anthology series explores the strange, beautiful, harrowing, and funny truths of what it means to be human.

Once upon a time … in Hollywood (6/30/2021): The crime and mystery story focused on the murders of the Manson family, a television star who tries to adapt to the new times and his stunt double, seeking fame and success in the last years of Hollywood’s golden age, in 1969, in Los Angeles. Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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Amazon Prime Video: June Releases in the Mexico Catalog – Movie News