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The afternoon of June 19, 2016, the actor Anton Yelchin he had a date with his friends to rehearse. He got into his truck and started to leave his property, a house in Studio City, in Los Angeles County. It never made it to the road. For reasons that still remain an enigma, the interpreter of the film saga ‘Star Trek’ He got out of the vehicle and went to the metal fence that defines the outside of the house. His car jumped on him and ran him over, as confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Anton Yelchin had 27 years and a promising life ahead. Death found him in a surreal way – the accident was described as ‘freak’ (rare) – and took him away after an agonizing minute in which he struggled to breathe until his last breath.

The car, a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee pickup, smashed Yelchin into a column of bricks and the security fence.

In search of a dream

Yelchin was born on March 23, 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia (still called Leningrad then). His parents, Irina and Viktor, were figure skaters and true idols in the then Soviet Union. However, despite their fame, the family suffered oppression, was discriminated against for being Jewish and was under constant surveillance by the KGB. This was revealed by Yelchin in an interview with The Daily Beast in 2011. This was the reason why when he was 6 months old, emigrated to the United States as refugees.

In the United States, they settled in California and there, while Viktor was a figure skating coach (among his students was the Olympic medalist Sasha Cohen), Irina became a choreographer in the same discipline, working together with her husband. Anton never had much talent for skating, as he said in an interview with the Boston Globe, so he found more interest in acting workshops.

At age 10 he made his acting debut in an episode of ‘ER’, although his first major role was alongside Anthony Hopkins in ‘Hearts in Atlantis’ released in 2001.

One detail of Anton’s life, which was not known until after his death when his parents created a foundation in his name, was that he was born with cystic fibrosis. The foundation, of which her friend Zoe Saldana is a member, it was created to support young people with this genetic disease that affects the mucous membranes in the lungs and digestive tract, mainly.

The 2015 model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee truck, made by Fiat-Chrysler, hid a defect in the gear lever that gave the driver a wrong reading when stopping the vehicle in the park position. This made it possible for the car to roll unexpectedly, the Los Angeles Times reported. In April 2016, before the actor’s death, that vehicle model had been recalled by the manufacturer – 1.1 million cars were summoned for repair – after it was detected that there were deficiencies.

According to the report of Fiat Chrysler Some drivers when exiting their vehicles after placing the transmission in ‘park’, while the engine was running, found that the vehicle could roll unintentionally and manufacturers had received information that 41 people were injured as a result of the problem , as reported by USA Today.

The company said it would improve “warnings” and the transmission system on affected vehicles to “automatically prevent vehicles from rolling, under certain circumstances, even if the driver does not select the parking position.”

JJ Abrams won’t replace Anton Yelchin on ‘Star Trek’

That Sunday, June 19, according to the statements of his publicist, Jennifer Allen, Yelchin was meeting friends for a rehearsal when he got out of the car for a moment, for a reason that was never explained. The car backed up and ran him over. In addition, it was confirmed that it was friends who discovered the body after worrying about its delay.

According to the forensic report, Yelchin’s death was due to a blunt traumatic asphyxia, as he sustained severe damage to his chest and head: the truck crushed his lungs and they calculate that died in the next minute.

The reactions of those who knew him and worked with him were swift: “He was a rare and beautiful soul with an unstoppable passion for life,” he said. Jodie Foster, who directed it in ‘ The Beaver‘, to the English newspaper The Guardian. “He was in equal measure a serious thinker and the funniest little brother you could wish for“.

“What was great about him was that he could do anything. He was a chameleon. He could make movies bigger or smaller, more intimate,” the director of Drake Doremus, who led it in ‘Like Crazy’ “There are many people who cannot, who can only do one or the other (…) That’s what puzzled me.”

After the incident, Yelchin’s parents filed a lawsuit with the car company for the damage and reached an agreement on March 22, 2018. Although the amount awarded by Fiat-Chrysler was not made public, the amount, in full, reported the BBC, was donated to the Anton Yelchin Foundation, which will continue to generate scholarship and support programs for young people with a desire to study, all in memory of a young talent who died too soon.

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An agonizing and deadly minute: the ‘impossible’ accident that killed Anton Yelchin | Famous