Angelina Jolie poses unrecognizable in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

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  • Angelina Jolie stars The Eternals, the new one marvel movie which will hit theaters next November.
  • The actress has posed for Entertainment Weekly in her role as a superhero and is practically unrecognizable with her new look.
  • Salma Hayek and other co-stars have done the same to promote this film directed by Chloé Zhao, who wanted to have a cast of all ages.

    Throughout the 39 years that Angelina Jolie She has been in the world of acting – she began to act as a child with her father, Jon Voight -, we have seen the actress in numerous roles with totally different registers. But probably, until now we have not had the opportunity to see her in the skin of a superheroine with supernatural powers (Lara Croft, after all, was human).

    The interpreter has been working hard to get into the Thena’s role in The Eternals, where she plays a scholarly warrior with superpowers –and representative of the gods on Earth, like the rest of the characters–. At 46, Angelina has admitted that she did not expect such a role at this point in her career: “Running around in gold overalls was not what I imagined at this age, but I think it was a good madness,” she admitted in a recent interview. .

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    And it is that for this film, the actress has had to train hard and transform your appearance. This is how we could see it in the first images of the official trailer, which premiered this Monday, and in the recent cover for Entertainment Weekly who has just starred, where she has posed so spectacularly clad in her Thena costume.

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    This is not just another Marvel movie. The expectation surrounds it for various reasons: to begin with, it is the factory’s first film directed exclusively by a woman who also signs the script. The first Asian woman, too. Has been Chlóe Zhao, winner of an Oscar for Nomadland , who has taken the reins of The Eternals and has changed the rules a bit.

    From the beginning he made it clear that he wanted a cast made up of men and women of various ages. And it is that in these types of films it is not common to see interpreters who exceed the barrier of 40 years, at least not with regard to women. Because Zhao insisted on an inclusive cast: “Age discrimination in Hollywood is a very worrying issue that we must face as artists,” he said.

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    Hence we can see diversity of ages and nationalities among the distribution of The Eternals, like the Mexican Salma Hayek (54 years old), the Korean actor Ma Dong-seok (50 years old) or the Pakistani Kumail Nanjiani (43 years old), among a diverse cast.

    While in most Marvel movies, action scenes are shot with a chroma behind, the director insisted on the crew to shoot outdoors as much as possible. In fact, they traveled to Fuerteventura to record the occasional stunt scene: “It was probably the windiest cliff I’ve ever been to,” recalls Zhao in the interview with Entertainment Weekly .

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Angelina Jolie poses unrecognizable in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’