Are you a fan of miniseries? Dare with ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ and 10 other Amazon Prime premieres

When choosing a series, one of the main elements that many people value is its duration. When we realize that it is a story with long chapters and several seasons, it is recurrent that we decide to discard it. Instead, the miniseries is another format that little by little has become very fashionable.

Nicole Kidman, a very shady spa director in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’.

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Short fictions allow the viewer not to get bored when watching it and that the main plot is concentrated in practically from beginning to end, so we do not find filler chapters or subplots that deviate from the main story.

The arrival on the Amazon Prime platform of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ came to revolutionize the landscape of miniseries on platforms, currently offers in its catalog a whole assortment of varied and entertaining miniseries, which they tend to concentrate in a section outside the other productions. Here are the best miniseries on the platform.

Little Fires Everywhere

The story tells the charming life of a journalist in a suburb of the state of Ohio (USA), until her life will radically change with the arrival of a new neighbor (Kerry Washington) to the place. From this moment, a confrontation will be generated despite the friendship of their children.

This image released by Hulu shows Kerry Washington in a scene from

A scene from the miniseries that is hitting Amazon.


Crisis in six scenes

After achieving fame and success in the cinema, Woody Allen returns to television with a series where he is the protagonist, accompanied by Miley Cyrus, Elaine May, John Magaro or Rachel Brosnahan. The series, which has six episodes, will explain a comedy set in the United States, specifically in the 60s.


Amazon Prime decided to bet on the series created by the BBC in 1016 and which stars Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debicki. The series follows the trail of a former British military man for infiltrating an international arms ring, run by a millionaire businessman.


Amazon Prime introduces us to this series as “Eight Inspiring Performances, Seven Stories, and a Deep Connection.” Solos has seven independent episodes, but they will be intertwined through the loneliness experienced by the protagonists.

Following his latest film failures, Hollywood producer Max Barber (Robert De Niro) is in debt to Mafia boss Reggie Fontain (Morgan Freeman).  Desperate and with his life at stake, Max decides to produce a new movie with high-risk action scenes in order to cause the death of the protagonist and thus collect the insurance.  The cast actor is Duke Montana (Tommy Lee Jones), a depressed old star with a drinking problem - the perfect target for Max's plans.  The days pass and, despite all his attempts to finish Duke, Max does not achieve his purpose.  Scene after scene he survives and is unwittingly making the best movie of his entire career.  Twitter: @ vertice360_cine Facebook: @ vertice360.cine Instagram: @ vertice360_cine Web: https: // Premiere in Spain: DECEMBER 30 IN CINES

Morgan Freeman, one of the protagonists of the series ‘Solo’


Formed by a total of 10 episodes, a group of young people decide to compete in a dangerous game that could be the origin of the flight from their hometown. The scriptwriter of the series has been Lauren Oliver, and has been based on a novel that she published in 2014.

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The Romanoffs

The series has been directed by the creators of Mad Men for Amazon, and leading the cast is Isabel Huppert. The story is divided into eight chapters, where stories located in various parts of the world are told, and where some people believe they are descendants of the ancient Romanov imperial family.

My sexual experiences with Dick

The story stars Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn, who follow a failing marriage of an independent film director and her husband Sylvere, who become obsessed with a teacher named Dick.

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Utopia is made up of eight chapters and directed by Gilian Flynn, in which science fiction is combined with tragicomedy. A group of comic book geeks meet on the Internet and decide to meet up to read a cult graphic novel.


Leonardo Fasoli is the creator of the series and is the complete opposite of Utopia. The success of this story has led to speculation about a possible continuation. It is a fiction where drug trafficking is the main protagonist, and it takes place in Latin America.

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Are you a fan of miniseries? Dare with ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ and 10 other Amazon Prime premieres