Armor Wars: The series with Don Cheadle already has a screenwriter

Marvel Studios leaves nothing to chance. His universe changed completely after Avengers: Endgame, with a scenario in which Iron Man fails and in which the study was committed to starting a new stage without Robert Downey Jr. Through new films and series, Kevin Feige and his family have set the stage with new heroes and heroines, substantial changes and an obsession to maintain the legacy of the past while looking to the future. Now is when we know that Amor Wars, the series starring War Machine, be fundamental in this context (it goes Cinemana).

Surviving the loss of Iron Man: Marvel’s Future

Iron Man’s sacrifice ended Thanos, yes, but it also dismantled the Avengers. Disney has touched on this issue in productions such as Wandavision O Falcon and the Winter Soldier, series for Disney + that approach this world without the most powerful heroes on Earth and that raise new questions and ideas. While those who survived the battle against the Mad Titan are rebuilding and getting used to the current scenario, little by little we know what will happen to the supposed heirs of iron man. We know that one of them will be Ironheart, represented by Riri Williams and to be embodied by Dominique Thorne, appearing in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever for the first time -as we already explained in Vandal Random-.

The other project that is responsible for addressing Tony Stark’s legacy is Armor Wars, a series that we know quite little about and that will tell us what role War Machine plays, the fireproof James Rhodey Rhodes In all this. Rhodes was the best friend of Tony, and although he has made cameos and appearances in numerous films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will be the first time in which he has the maximum protagonism. Armor Wars will be released on Disney + and as explained in The Hollywood Reporter, you finally have a screenwriter trusted for the project.

To be Yassi Lester, a former comedian and close friend of Cheadle’s, who has grown from comedian to actor and screenwriter. Without going any further, Lester wrote the dialogues to Cheadle in Black Monday, and has been a regular contributor to productions such as Girls from HBO. He recently signed for Disney + comedy Earth to Ned, so it could be said that everything remains at home. Rumors? The Justin Hammer played by Sam Rockwell is said to return after Iron Man 2, inviting us to know a plot similar to that of the original comics, in which Iron Man faced a legion of enemies like Beetle, Controller, Crimson Dynamo, Doctor Muerte, Mauler, Profesor Power, Shockwave, Stilt-Man o Titanium Man . In the adaptation it is speculated that War Machine will recruit Iron Man’s adolescent protégé, Riri Williams, opening the possibility of his solo series afterwards after proving his worth.

It is still too early to know anything about the hypothetical premiere date or the plot, beyond the enormous challenge that it will suppose for Rhodes to get ahead in a gray world full of great threats without the support of his friend.


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Armor Wars: The series with Don Cheadle already has a screenwriter