Arnold Schwarzenegger in geek movies

Before Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans, Arnold Schwarzenegger had already played great heroes and villains of geek cinema

Let’s review all the occasions in which Arnold Schwarzenegger has become the protagonist of a story that, sooner or later, has made its way into the American comic. A small tribute to an actor who has managed to establish himself in the minds and hearts of all geeks.

Hercules – Hercules in New York

His first and great unknown film, released in 1970, was “Hercules in New York“, In which he played for the first and only time this demigod, who decided to take a vacation in the Big Apple, even against the wishes of Zeus.

Conan – Conan the barbarian and Conan the destroyer

In 1982, he played for the first time the famous character of Robert E. Howard, in “Conan the barbarian“And reprized the role two years later, to record the sequel”Conan the destroyer“. The limited success of Jason Momoa in its version of 2011 made it decide to return the role to Arnold in an upcoming Cimmerian film that could be titled “The legend of Conan“. The actor has already shown his concern to re-embody the character since 2015, but the little information that is available about the production prevents us from knowing how close we are to seeing it.

Conan Rey

The Terminator – Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: The Last Judgment and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Schwarzenegger he had to be very busy in 1984, since, in addition to the second part of the barbarian, he premiered the first of “Terminator“, Where he assumed, this time, the role of villain, trying to kill Sarah Connor. However, the situation changed in 1991 with “Terminator 2: Final Judgment“, Changing the mentality of the cyborg, who this time wanted to save both the woman and the child he had had.

In 2003, the scheme was repeated with “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines“, Although the mother had already died this time. For “Terminator Salvation“, Released in 2009, they did not have Arnold, but they managed to get it to appear through digital media.

A new installment is being prepared, in which he will come out again, although it is not yet clear if it will be a prequel or a remake and it is not known who will dub it into Spanish, since Constantino Romero passed away last year.

The entire cast of the second part also appeared in a three-dimensional film, shot to form part of an attraction created in 1996 called – “S2 3D: The Battle Through Time“, Existing in various parks of Universal Studios. In the series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, however, there was no trace of any actor from the original cast, not even of Schwarzenegger.


Kalidor – The Red Warrior

Although the protagonist of “The red warrior”From 1985 was Red Sonja, played by Brigitte Nielsen, in Spanish they decided to translate it like that, because they thought that the male title would attract more audiences, but not even that worked to get it off the ground.

This time, Arnold played Kalidor (created exclusively for the film). The funny thing is that he could have gone back to doing Conan, and perhaps thus the film would have been more fortunate, since the warrior and the Cimmerian had shared adventures in the comics, but they may not want to risk the barbarian appearing in a product of dubious success.


Commander Alan “Dutch” Schaeffer – Predator

On this occasion, the soldier played by Schwarzenegger was also created for the film, but he was facing someone who would end up becoming a famous comic book villain: “Predator” (O Predator, as you prefer), a hideous alien, belonging to a race of hunters. The film has had a sequel, a remake and two crossovers with Alien, all of them without Arnold and with much less success than the original.


Douglas Quaid/Hauser – Total challenge

Inspired by a Philip K. Dick story, the hit of “Total challenge“In 1990, he had a comic taken out that adapted the adventure that the protagonist lived after a visit to a company that implanted false memories as if they were authentic, called Memory Call. The film was about to have a sequel that, although it was never shot, would have had a plot very similar to “Minority Report.” The remake, starring Colin Farrell, in 2012, was not liked by diehard fans of Schwarzenegger, although it contained several nods to the original film.


Mister ColdBatman & Robin

In the movie of “Batman & Robin”From 1997, he returned to play a villain. This film is considered the worst of all the existing ones about the bat man and none of the actors involved in it received a good review, which was a stain on the film histories of George Clooney, Uma Thurman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


After this review, it is well established that the curriculum of this actor has always been closely linked to the world of comics. So far, he has portrayed seven different characters and still has a lot to do. Who knows if in the future he will surprise us with a new incarnation of another comic book hero or villain?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in geek movies