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The interpreter has her own production company, ‘Yes, Norman’, with which she has already experienced her first big hit with ‘The Flight Attendant’.

We may all remember her for her role as Penny in The Big Bang Theory, but The Flight Attendant It has also marked a before and after in Kaley Cuoco’s career. On the one hand because the HBO Max series was his first role in front of the cameras after having starred in the famous ‘sitcom’ for more than a decade, but mainly because it is the first series from her production company ‘Yes, Norman’ and the one that has discovered a whole new world that she is not only willing to explore, but also fantasizes about being her future work exclusively.

Although Cuoco had a certain vertigo at what people would think of The Flight Attendant and your new registration as an interpreter, the comedy-tinged ‘thriller’ was greeted with open arms in the fall of last year. What’s more, the series has obtained critical acclaim, being nominated as Best Comedy Series both by the past Golden Globes and by the Emmy Awards that are delivered next September. The performer has also been nominated for Best Actress by both awards competitions, and while she is deeply grateful, it may be the fact that she was the one who detected the story and presented it to HBO Max, which makes her even more excited.

Kaley Cuoco and the great fear that accompanied her in her need to reinvent herself: “Not to be taken seriously”

Kaley Cuoco has enjoyed her role as a producer so much that, although she now has several new projects on the agenda that include both series and films, is seriously considering dedicating itself to producing exclusively and so he has confessed in an interview with Variety:

I can totally see that my path is solely to produce in the future

“I told you Greg Berlanti [productor ejecutivo de The Flight Attendant] and all his team: ‘I want your offices’. So when they have a complete building, I want to be where they are. It’s my goal, “she adds amused.

Since The Flight Attendant saw the light, Kaley Cuoco has not stopped answering questions related to the fact of having left The Big Bang Theory behind and having triumphed in such a short time with a new series that is the first work of her production company. As he has previously confessed, She was not always fully interested in that side of the business, but she has had the opportunity to learn a lot and to realize the enormous effort that goes into getting a series forward.

Kaley Cuoco, return to the big screen in a big way with three films on the horizon

“This has been my first experience. I have learned from my fellow producers. I have learned that I do not know as much as I thought and the great teamwork effort required to get a series running. It makes me have enormous respect for everything I know. it broadcasts because now I know how difficult it is to take it and develop it. It has made me less judgmental. Now I feel more gratitude for what happens behind the scenes. ”

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Being an actress is no longer the dream of Kaley Cuoco, who considers dedicating herself exclusively to producing – Noticias de series