Fernando Aramburu

The Swifts

Publisher: Tusquets
Theme: Literary novel | General literary narrative.
The new and extraordinary novel by Fernando Aramburu, after the international success of Patria.
Toni, a high school teacher angry at the world, decides to end his life. Meticulous and serene, he has chosen the date: within a year. Until then, every night he will write, in the apartment he shares with his dog Pepa and a library from which he is shedding, a personal chronicle, hard and disbelieving, but no less tender and humorous. With it he hopes to discover the reasons for his radical decision, to reveal every last particle of his privacy, to tell his past and the many daily affairs of a politically troubled Spain. They will appear, dissected with an implacable scalpel, his parents, a brother whom he cannot bear, his ex-wife Amalia, from whom he cannot disconnect, and his troublesome son Nikita; but also his caustic friend Patachula. And an unexpected Águeda. And in the succession of love and family episodes of this addictive human constellation, Toni, a disoriented man determined to recount its ruins, paradoxically breathes an unforgettable life lesson.

Fernando Aramburu
San Sebastián, 1959.
Fernando Aramburu (San Sebastián, 1959) is the author of the short story books The Fish of Bitterness (2006, XI Mario Vargas Llosa NH Prize, IV Dulce Chacón Prize and 2008 Royal Spanish Academy Prize) and El vigilante del fiordo (2011), of the non-fiction works Self-portrait without me (2018), Deep Veins (2019) and Utility of misfortunes (2020), as well as the novels Fuegos con limon (1996), Empty eyes (2000, Euskadi Award), Bami sin sombra (2005), La gran Marivián (2013), El trumpetista del Utopia (2003), Travel with Clara through Germany (2010), Lentos (2012), VII Tusquets Novel Editors Prize and Madrid Booksellers Prize), Avid pretensions (Short Library Prize 2014) and Homeland (2016, National Narrative Prize, Critics Prize, Euskadi Prize, Francisco Umbral Prize, Dulce Chacón Prize, Arcebispo Juan de San Clemente Prize, European Strega Prize, Lampedusa Prize, Atenas Prize …), The last great literary phenomenon, translated into 34 languages ​​and converted a in prestigious series by Aitor Gabilondo for HBO. Five years later, The Swifts, acid and touching, is his new masterpiece, a novel that confirms him as one of the best European writers.

The Uruguayan film «Chico
ventana would also like to have a submarine »

Thursday, September 9

After an extensive tour of festivals, the film «Window boy would also like to have a submarine» arrives in Salto, the first feature film by Uruguayan director Alex Piperno. The film is carried out by the Argentine Daniel Quiroga and the Salta Inés Bortagaray. It is a co-production between Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands and the Philippines, which had its international premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, where it received the Tagesspiegel Award.
The performance in Salto will be on Thursday, September 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Aula Magna del Cenur Litoral Norte (Rivera corner Misiones). The screening will be attended by the director and after the performance there will be an instance of conversation and exchange with him.
On a cruise that runs along the Patagonian coasts, a sailor discovers a magical portal that leads to a woman’s apartment in Montevideo. Meanwhile, a group of peasants stumble upon a terrifying concrete hut near their village in the Philippines. Two stories are woven into a cinematic maze where people find and lose themselves. Somewhere between dark engine rooms and middle-class living rooms, between the sea and the jungle, people watch each other with curiosity, skepticism, and anxiety.
Alex Piperno (1985, Montevideo) is a graduate of the Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires. He directed and produced numerous short films that were screened at international festivals such as Cannes, Bafici, Huesca and New York, among others. His debut film “Chico Ventana also would like to have a submarine” (2020), premiered at the Berlinale Forum, is currently on a tour of international festivals and is considered one of the 25 best Latin American films of the year by Cinema Tropical.

«As a Uruguayan living in Argentina, I cross to Montevideo frequently, almost always by boat, on a trip that lasts three hours. It is a passage between two world possibilities that I keep in parallel; the things that people know about me in Buenos Aires they don’t know in Montevideo and vice versa. This, at least in the beginning, used to give me a strange feeling of freedom and power, which was that of not belonging anywhere. The ship functioned as an interval between these two possible worlds: the border of two places that do not touch; but also, the border of infinite places that could be touched. I discovered that the ship was a device with secret doors that led to different places that were distant and contiguous at the same time. An indeterminate area, fantastic. The film captures that first moment of grace: the irruption of the doors as an alternative to another possible reality before that reality can be regulated. The momentary possibility of not belonging anywhere and of realizing that infinite places can be touched. The characters in the film are tempted by this possibility and abandon their ways of life in favor of an encounter with the unknown … », Alex Piperno has written.

Do not breathe 2

Titulo original: Don’t Breathe 2.
Address: Rod.
Protagonistas: Stephen Lang – Brendan Sexton III.
Country: United States-Serbia.

‘Elenco: Madelyn Grace – Rocci Williams – Stephanie Arcila – Bobby SchofieldSitio oficial IMBD.
A few years have passed since the tragic invasion of his home and Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) lives in peace, secluded, and quiet. But the sins of your past are about to cross your path and they will re-enter your home. Now you’ll see what he sees… Sequel to the 2016 hit movie, directed by Uruguayan Fede Álvarez.
In this sequel to the horror film Don’t Breathe (2016), the blind ex-military man who wreaked havoc in the first installment will once again find himself in trouble. On that occasion, the man managed to kill some of the young people who tried to rob his home in a violent way. Now, it seems that a group of friends has entered his house, but with very different intentions: they are going to try to take revenge for his ill-fated colleagues, in the assault long ago. The director Fede Alvarez (Infernal Possession) gives the witness to the screenwriter Rodo Sayagues who makes his debut behind the cameras. Actor Stephen Lang (Avatar) repeats as the bloodthirsty blind protagonist.

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