Celebrities who have fallen in love with Salma Hayek’s charms

Salma Hayek is not only a talented, beautiful woman, a successful businesswoman, a loving mom, and a spectacular wife, she is also one of the Mexican women who has put the name of Mexico high by being one of the most important women in Hollywood.

And as expected, perhaps there is no man in this world who resists the charms of the Veracruz actress and although Salma Hayek had many suitors, few were lucky enough to have a relationship with the famous.

Here is a list of celebrities who have fallen in love with Salma Hayek

Julio Cesar Chavez

Salma Hayek and Julio César Chávez

It is not known if it is true or it is an urban myth, but they say that at the beginning of the 90, Salma had a relationship with one of the best boxers in the world at that time. It is speculated that both were related while the actress was just beginning her career in Mexican television and for a long time it was said that it was the boxer who opened the doors to her in the United States, and well, although neither of them has confirmed it, they have not denied.

Luis Miguel

Salma Hayek and Luis Miguel

Recently, with all the fury caused by the Netflix series about the “Sol de México”, he relived the time that Luis Miguel appeared hand in hand with Salma Hayek on the red carpet at the Oscars in 1997 and despite the fact that all the press He questioned if they were a couple, however both celebrities have said that they have always been friends and that they have supported each other.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump y Salma Hayek

Although Donald Trump has made deplorable comments about the Latino community, that did not prevent him from falling asleep before the charms of the Mexican Salma Hayek, whom he could not conquer despite his efforts. Recently, during an interview, the protagonist of “Eternals” explained that several years ago due to the cold she rubbed her arms and without warning Trump covered her with his coat, and she behaved so well that they exchanged phones. However, our Salmita did not fall and how goodooo, she was saved from!

Joan Sebastian

Salma Hayek and Joan Sebastian

Possibly you did not know that Salma Hayek was a great friend of the composer Joan Sebastian, and as expected, the composer, who is well known for being a very infatuated man, fell in love with the woman from Veracruz and is even said to have composed the song for her ‘ That and more ‘, which Salma has refused to listen to, because they have told her that it is a very strong confession of the musician.

Edward Norton

Salma Hayek and Edward Norton

Salma and Edward Norton had a long relationship, as they were together from 1999 to 2003 and even worked together on the movie “Frida”, it was even speculated that they could formalize their relationship, however that did not happen.

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas

After breaking up with Norton, Salma had a fleeting relationship with the “Sweet home Alabama” actor with whom she was seen at public events, however, that courtship did not last long.

Edward Atterton

Edward Atterton y Salma Hayek

While Salma was filming the movie “The Hunchback” she met Edward Atterton, and although they were not seen much together, it was known that they were both very much in love, however, what is most remembered is when a Mexican reporter asked Salma about his She replied, “Do you want me to shout it out to you? … We are done!”


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Celebrities who have fallen in love with Salma Hayek’s charms