Cinderella, with Camila Cabello, already has first reactions from the audience

Cinderella – 97% is one of the Disney princesses most loved by the public, and perhaps the most important, popular and recognized. Although her story in the animated classic takes us on a journey into a true fairy tale where despite adversities the young princess who has been orphaned is humiliated and exploited by her evil stepmother, to later meet her enchanted prince you are impressed from the first time you see it.

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After a small entanglement of impossible love, the young people manage to reunite, marry and live happily ever after. Outside of this animated version, countless adaptations have arrived, some faithful to the concept of the 1950 film with those fantastic touches such as the sewing mice, the fairy godmother and others, while others began to play with new elements. Such was the case Cinderfella 1960 starring comedian Jerry Lewis where he was the female version of the princess in this parody.

Of course, later other adaptations would come in which the same story was told, but in a modern context where Cinderella was a young university student, her prince the most popular boy in school, the fairy godmother the waitress of a cafeteria, the stepmother a Botox addict and instead of a lost glass slipper was a cell phone. This juvenile version was called The New Cinderella – 11% starring Hilary Duff.

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In 2015 Cinderella arrived – 83% starring Lily James, who while being more respectful of the traditional story did not generate as much impact as many believe it deserved. Now it is the turn of the singer Camila Cabello, who in her version of Cinderella – 51% seek to return to the classic tale, but giving it some twists that adapt to current social reality, trying to make use of female empowerment and above all to open space for non-binary characters – something that is nothing new in the cinema, but it is in this story in particular -.

The film directed by Kay Cannon and co-written by James Corden has been expected mainly by fans of Camila Cabello to be able to see her in her princess facet, but the critical reception was not the best because some considered that it was more a music video than a movie, as well as others pointed out that the musical numbers feel somewhat forced – and that is because making a musical is not as easy as it sounds.

Now is the time for the public to say that they do not always have the same vision as the critics. Among some comments on social networks about the original Sony tape and Amazon Prime Video, what has stood out is the interpretation of the singer, as well as that of Idina Menzel (Enchanted – 93%, Frozen: A Frozen Adventure – 89%); but not everything has been honey on flakes taking into account those who have highlighted that the version directed by Kenneth Branagh is still the best.

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Below, you can see what the public is thinking about the new film of Cinderella:

I really love @Camila_Cabello in her movie Cinderella, the fairy godmother, Idina Menzel, cheers to all the cast.

I just saw Camila Cabello being a swiftie, I remember a delicate line from Taylor Swift, “I should like it”.

What’s the best Cinderella live action? And why Kenneth Branagh’s?

The new Cinderella has had a cast treatment and I just can’t [con eso].

Idina Menzel singing “Material Girl” is enough to make me like this movie.

I CAN’T STOP WATCHING CINDERELLA AGAIN !!!! I feel so much fun and I can’t express how much I’ve been waiting for this movie and it’s finally everything I’ve ever hoped for!

I liked the modern and universally attractive version of #CinderellaMovie even though it was done strategically and deliberately.

God that #Cinderella The movie was horrible. Pop music that made no sense in the story, weird casting, horrible script that failed even basic human emotions … it was just horrible.

I’m looking at the new #Cinderella. Her opening song is a Janet Jackson / Desree mix. I can’t face it.

This is the Cinderella story that I am going to tell my children at bedtime. Thank you for retelling it as it should be.


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Cinderella, with Camila Cabello, already has first reactions from the audience