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The actor who gave life to Agent 007 and who has a considerable fortune (amounting to more than 145 million euros) does not plan to include his daughters in his will, to destine it to charities. This decision is not isolated: there are several famous millionaires who did the same.

There are several (and striking) stories of some famous people who left their descendants without inheritance and, in recent days, the actor’s decision was known Daniel Craig to join this group.

His daughters, as it transpired, will not receive a penny of his fortune of more than 145 million euros, as he told Saga magazine recently. The actor said that the idea of ​​inheriting seemed “in bad taste” and that instead he intends to indulge in a lifestyle worthy of his alter ego – James Bond – and donate the money to charities.

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There is a somewhat more extreme and enigmatic case, that of the John Bingham (Lord Lucan), who made her children’s inheritance disappear even faster than her husband disappeared, who was never seen again after the murder of his nanny. A will revealed that Veronica (the widowed Countess of Lucan, who died from a cocktail of drugs and alcohol) refused to leave her estate of more than 670,000 euros to her children George, Camilla (advisor to the queen) and Frances.

Instead donated it in full to Shelter, a charity for the homeless. The lonely countess, who she had been estranged from her family for a long time, stated the following in the document: “In view of the lack of good manners and reverence for me as their mother, I do not want any of my three children to benefit from my death beyond what is strictly necessary.”

Another of these stories is that of Colin Tennant (Lord Glenconner), who passed away suddenly due to a heart attack in 2010. Lady Anne Tennant, his wife of 54 years, learned that he had been stripped of his family inheritance of more than 25 million euros, since he had left them to Kent, his camera assistant, whom he had met on a beach in Santa Lucia.

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A “terrible humiliation … and on top of doing it to our children,” said Lady Anne, lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret of England, referring to the painful and spectacular “horrendous ploy” on the part of the Tennant.

The couple had three children and two twins: Henry died of AIDS in 1990 and his brother Charlie six years after hepatitis C. The third, Christopher, suffered brain damage after a terrible motorcycle accident and regained health thanks to the care of his mother. Charlie’s son and heir to the barony, Cody, managed to recover half of the patrimony after seven bitter years of legal battle.

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The well-known chef Gordon Ramsay, with several Michelin stars under his belt, he has a lifestyle capable of keeping up with his best friends, the Beckhams. But, curiously, he swore that his five children will have to manage to earn a living and not depend on him. As he told The Telegraph, he would not leave a single penny of his money to his five children once he died. “Without a doubt it will not go to them, and it is not out of evil, but to avoid spoiling them,” he explained.

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Simon Cowell is famous for having given millions of pounds in recording contracts to complete strangers on the X Factor program. However, the manager (and television jury) claims that his death will not open all doors to his son Eric. The billionaire and media mogul, who has been the architect of his own success, has insisted that he will not cover Eric’s back for life thanks to receiving a juicy inheritance. Instead, it will “probably be left to some charity; something with children and dogs. I don’t believe in bequeathing the inheritance from one generation to another ”.

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Daniel Craig’s Drastic Decision – For You