Doctor Strange Writer Gives Marvel’s What If…? a Bold Review

C. Robert Cargill, co-writer of the first Doctor Strange film, offers some high praises for What If…?, particularly its latest episode.

C. Robert Cargill, co-writer of the first Doctor Strange film, offers some high praises for What If…?, the Marvel Studios’ first animated show.

Cargill wrote on Twitter, “What If…? is so fucking badass. It’s just got the biggest, hairiest nads in the MCU. Every story is amazing, and each one has captured the true spirit of the comic: that while great stories can happen outside of the mainline, the sacrifices and choices made inside truly matter.” He was particularly excited about the Disney+ show’s recent Doctor Strange-inspired fourth episode, “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” saying, “Watching a What If…? of my own movie is truly a career fucking highlight for me. And what great writing. This team is so fucking great. Could not be more in love with this week’s episode.

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Cargill, who used to write movie reviews for Ain’t It Cool News and (under the name Massawyrm), co-wrote Doctor Strange and the first two Insidious films with director Scott Derrickson and has a screenwriting credit on the recently released serial killer drama No Man of God. Cargill has also written five novels and has two more upcoming film collaborations with Derrickson: the horror film The Black Phone, based on a short story of the same name by Joe Hill and coming to theaters on Jan. 28, 2022, and a film adaptation of the Deus Ex video game series. The screenwriting duo had not yet begun a draft of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when Derrickson left the sequel over creative differences and Marvel Studios hired Spider-Man/The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi as his replacement.

Each episode of What If…? shows different alternate reality versions of the MCU stories and characters are familiar with. “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?”  presents the darkest alternate reality of the series thus far, in which Stephen Strange’s girlfriend Christine Palmer is destined to die no matter how many times the Sorcerer Supreme goes back in time to try to save her life. Strange’s quest to conquer death goes into serious horror territory, so it makes sense a writer as involved in the horror genre as Cargill would appreciate this twisted reinterpretation of his superhero film.

What If…? is available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes streaming every Wednesday.

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