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The development of eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft is progressing by leaps and bounds. The innovation learned with small drones is taking to levels little imagined just a few years ago. These large drones, in just a few years will be one more vehicle within the catalog of possibilities of displacement within the big cities.

Do you remember that a few days ago we already talked to you about the democratization of air taxis in Asia? Well, now the time has come to talk a bit about the same thing, but changing continents. More specifically, we are now traveling to the United States to find out the intention of bringing these aircraft to real life in just a few years.

That project we are talking about, called Eve Urban Air Mobility, returns to the fore again at the hands of the North American country. Let’s remember that Eve is backed by the aeronautical company Embraer, who has shown great interest and ability to jump into the pool of air taxi development. Their collaboration agreements with other distribution and innovation companies, has led them to sign to carry out the deployment of these aircraft in countries such as Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Since the founding of the Eve project, in 2020, many companies have partnered with them to democratize the use of the electric aerial vehicle, whether for the transport of people or goods. At the beginning of June, Eve signed an agreement with Halo, who placed an order for 100 eVTOL aircraft to operate in the United States and another 100 for the United Kingdom. A few days later, a new contract, this time with Helisul Aviation, for the supply of 50 eVTOLs in the Brazilian market. And finally, the collaboration with Ascent for the Asian market that we already talked about.

EVTOL project resulting from the partnership between Eve Urban Air Mobility and Ascent.

Now they have agreed a new supply with Blade Air Mobility, an urban air mobility company based in New York City, whereby have signed the sale of 60 air taxis. These will operate mainly in cities located in South Florida and the West Coast, without specifying any in particular, although we can deduce that it will be the main cities of these states that will take most of the order. According to the American company itself, they assure that up to 60,000 annual flight hours have been established in the signed contract.

This collaboration contract was signed on June 24 and through it, the aeronautical company undertakes to deliver the order throughout the year 2026. This contract is conditional, that is, both parties may reach definitive agreements by which fundamental parts of it are modified in favor of mutual benefit.

In the words of Blade Air Mobility CEO Rob Wiesenthal himself: “Blade is pleased to partner with Eve, leveraging Embraer’s deep aerospace expertise to provide us with a quiet, carbon-free electric aircraft. Eve’s air taxis will provide ideal operating economy for short-haul routes. ‘

It is not the first time that Blade Air Mobility has signed an agreement contract for the purchase of these eVTOL type aircraft. Last April, it agreed with Beta Technologies to order 20 units, thus becoming the first customer with eVTOL orders for six passengers by 2024. In May, a new agreement from Boeing- Kitty Hawk Wisk Aero by which it committed to the purchase of 30 of its autonomous air taxis for short-haul routes. As we can see, the New York-based company does not stop and aims to be the pioneer in offering an air taxi service in the United States.

Eve’s aircraft are still in the conceptual development phase, although last year 2020 we already saw a first test flight. Much information about this innovative aircraft is still unknown, such as the speed or range it will have. What we do know is the exterior design, which will mount a total of eight electric propellers, a system fly-by-wire fifth generation and a capacity of up to four passengers.


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Eve signs an agreement to launch its air taxis in the United States – News – Hybrids and Electric