Fast and Furious Season 9: Big News About Fast and Furious In India!!!

Fast and Furious Season 9: Fast and Furious has actually performed pretty well in India. So, keeping this in mind we can say that there is a chance that part 9 of Fast and Furious might also do well.

It has been more than half a year that people in India are waiting for a blockbuster Hollywood action movie. Even though they have watched Baaghi 3 before the initial lockdown. The theatres are empty without good movies, and people are eagerly waiting for the theaters to fill and seem colorful as it used to be in the past. Few Punjabi movie like Puaada, Chal Mere Putt 2 has obtained pretty good audiences. The Fast and Furious Season 9 has released on Friday, and this is really an important stage to watch whether the movie is going to run successfully or not.

We can observe that Hollywood movies are like competition for Bollywood Movies in India. Because Indians watch all the movies which are present all over the world, irrespective of which country they belong to, what language it is in, who are the actors are and all.

Fast and Furious Season 9: Big News

Fast and Furious did well in India, so also this time we expect that season 9 would also do well. The Fast and Furious Season 7 was aired in 2015 in India. It has the greatest opening of 12.38 Rupee crore. It was the initial 100 crore Club entry for the authorization in India. The fate of the Furious was aired after two years of F7 started at 6.29 crore rupees and ended at 8.75 crore rupees.

As Bollywood movies have opponents in the field, the producers do not benefit from the Hollywood movies directly but indirectly there is a chance to collect the response of the Indian audience about the Hollywood movies and plan the big Bollywood movies accordingly.

Hollywood Stars like Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodrigues have a great fanbase. The positive news is that the film is not just airing in English, but also in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, as the languages must not be a barrier for people to watch the Fast and Furious Season 9. And among the 10 highest movies in India Avengers and Fast & Furious has maximum entries. And F9 might make the two

entries into three.