Films Clearly Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey

Kubrick’s classic changed cinema forever, and these movies took all the right cues from one of the best science fiction movies ever made.

In 1968, Stanley Kubrick released his science fiction masterpiece to the world 2001: An Odyssey of the space, and although critics and audiences at the time seemed incapable of appreciating what the legendary filmmaker had created, 2001 It went on to become one of the most influential films of all time.

The iconic Steven Spielberg even pointed to Space Odyssey as the “big bang” of his film generation. The intergalactic adventure was released, surprisingly, a whole year before man reached the moon, a fact that fuels conspiracy theorists to this day. Kubrick’s classic is almost unmatched when it comes to movie legacy, and there are countless movies that owe him to 2001.

10 Contact is 2001 for a 90’s audience

For fans of space movies, Matthew McConaughey’s appearance here will come as no surprise, although long before “McConaissance,” the terrific Texan starred alongside Jodie Foster. Contactby Robert Zemeckis. Based on the 1985 novel by the late and great Carl Sagan, Contact is about the absorbing prospect of making your first contact with alien life.

The film aspires to the epic and mind-blowing heights of 2001: Odyssey of the Space, but its central story is much more accessible to the public, and its special effects much less timeless. Both are side effects of Contact be a product of 1997.

9 GERTY de la Luna takes a lot of inspiration from HAL from Space Odyssey

Claustrophobic and alien, Moon, Duncan Jones’s 2009 sci-fi film, is a slow and fascinating look at what it really means to be human. Sam Rockwell performs a fantastic portrayal of Sam Bell, a lone miner destined for the moon whose only company is GERTY, an assistant robot who serves as a haunting nod to the HAL from Odyssey Space. Moon it’s as thoughtful as it is haunting, and its central mystery is enough to keep viewers glued to their seats for its 95-minute run.

8 Life was not up to the above

Any movie with an atmospheric spacecraft tour owes it to 2001: An Odyssey of the space in some respect, and the sci-fi horror of 2017, Life, you are off to a great start by following in their footsteps. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson play the astronauts who discover the first signs of life on Mars.

Life quickly becomes an all-too-familiar retread of footage audiences have seen before, and its horror elements look like unimaginative copies of scenes from Alien. The climactic twist from Life is also maddeningly predictable and left many audience members frustrated after watching it.

7 Tron: Legacy used delicious design tricks from Space Odyssey

The long-awaited Disney sequel to Tron includes one of the most obvious nods in cinema to the 1968 epic film. In the film, Flynn’s safe house is a subtle nod to the Jupiter room. from Odyssey Space, to the extent that viewers could reasonably assume that Tron: Legacy had hired al interior designer from 2001 for the sequence.

It isa welcome tribute, as the 28-year wait for Tron: Legacy it has been worth it for many fans. The film is full of references to other science fiction greats, but none as influential as Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece.

6 A Space Odyssey set Star Wars and many others for success

Without HAL, C-P3O may not exist. Although George Lucas’ legendary space opera was not inspired by 2001 As for the story, there are visual nods scattered throughout the original trilogy and the prequels. Lucas even mentioned Space Odyssey as a great influence.

The supervisor of the sequence “Dawn of man” from 2001 it was also an important part of Star Wars. Stuart Freeborn designed the puppet for the one and only Yoda, supposedly using his own face and Albert Einstein’s as landmarks.

5 Event Horizon is an insanely good cult classic

Although the extravagant terror of Event Paul WS Anderson’s Horizon is a far cry from the seriousness and shock of An odyssey of space, the influence is evident to viewers. Some critics have also pointed out the similarities from Event Horizon with another of Kubrick’s great films, The glow.

Although sci-fi horror was a flop to launch, the past few years have been kinder to it, and it’s considered a cult classic that offers some unique, if terrifying, insights.

4 Artificial Intelligence is a mix of Kubrick and Spielberg, literally

A science fiction film that began to unfold with Stanley Kubrick himself, AI Artificial Intelligence sadly he never saw the screen in Kubrick’s lifetime, as after handing over the project to Steven Spielberg in 1995, development stalled, and only gained momentum after Kubrick’s passing a few years later, in 1999.

A.I. is the story of a robotic boy who longs for love in a futuristic society. Kubrick’s fingerprints are present throughout the final product, and that, mixed with Spielberg’s signature poignant charm, make A . I. a wonderful, intriguing, and ultimately fascinating movie.

3 Arrival is a captivating classic that Kubrick would probably be proud of

The arrival of Denis Villeneuve is considered by many to be a masterpiece of sci-fi narrative, the film’s list of accolades is long, and there are moments within the film that incredibly manage to match the emotion and sense of wonder of Kubrick’s classic. .

Amy Adams plays a linguist tasked with communicating with newly arrived alien life forms. The climax from Arrival is enough to leave your chest tight and jaws open. In one word, Arrival it’s mesmerizing.

2 Sunshine is Danny Boyle’s stupendous addition to the space movie subgenre

By 2007, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland had already established themselves as a dynamic duo in film, and the psychological thriller Sunshine it did nothing but consolidate it. Dazzling visuals, intense action, and a grim gaze at humanity, along with Cillian Murphy’s eclectic talent, helped make Sunshine was a success with the public and critics.

Director Danny Boyle has always been open about his influences on the film, citing of course 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as classics like The boat and Alien.

1 Interstellar is a space odyssey for the modern age

The similarities ofInterstellar and 2001 are evident on the surface, from cinematography to spacecraft design, Christopher Nolan’s space adventure took many cues from Kubrick’s classic, but Interstellar it does more than enough to support itself.

The film’s excellent screenplay drips through at a perfect rate, daring to answer more questions than Kubrick’s film, and Nolan’s direction really shines with the help of a truly impressive cast that includes Matthew McConaughey and Anne. Hathaway. Nolan’s good luck charm, Sir Michael Caine, is also present, and Hans Zimmer’s mesmerizing score may be the best of his illustrious career.

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Films Clearly Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey