Friends: 30 revelations and a certainty that leaves the reunion

The reunion of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer was full of nostalgia and excitement for fans, but it also brought out certain aspects of the sitcom.

Madrid, July 4 (Europa Press) .- The arrival of HBO Max a Latin America was the third call so that the fandom from Friends contract the service to enjoy the reunion of the most popular group of friends.

The reunion of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer was full of nostalgia and excitement for fans, but it also brought out certain aspects of the sitcom.

Here we share the 30 revelations left by the reunion of Friends.

1. The one released this May 27, 2021 will be, quite possibly the only and last meeting of Friends. And, at the end of the special, and questioned by James Corden about the possibility of new chapters or a movie, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler) and David Schwimmer (Ross) agreed that they totally agree with what the creators of the series, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, think.

Everyone assures that the ending released in 2004 was the perfect ending for the series and its characters and that a continuation, in any type of modality, would be like undoing that.

2. Returning to the beginning of the special, one of the first anecdotes that the protagonists comment is that Courteney Cox hid pages of script in the set so as not to forget his dialogues. One day he even wrote his lines on the kitchen table, something that LeBlanc noticed that, to play a joke, he deleted it.

3. When the series ended, the sets were immediately dismantled because the next day another series was filming its pilot on that same set. Although most of it was preserved, many took home a memory of those ten seasons … among them LeBlanc, who “stole” the foosball ball or Lisa Kudrow, who took the box of cookies that was on top of Monica’s refrigerator. .

4. The protagonists of the series assure that they remain in contact through calls and messages that they exchange frequently, except for Perry. “Nobody calls me,” he confessed with his usual sarcasm.

5. The creators of the series confirmed that the first inspiration, the germ of Friends, is in his own experiences with his friends when they were the age of the protagonists. In fact, they claim that, for example, Chandler is a name they got from one of their personal friends.

The protagonists of the series assure that they remain in contact through calls and messages. Photo: AP

6. The union between the six protagonists was very strong, especially during the first two seasons. They ate together every day of filming, even on weekends, and in those early years they watched the episodes together.

7. No one knows, and will never know, what the hell Chandler is working on.

8. When he was cast in the role of Ross, David Schwimmer had left television after a very bad experience with a previous series and was dedicating himself only to the theater. The creators convinced him by assuring that they had written the role with him in mind … and also with some gifts.

9. Lisa Kudrow, who already had a very small role in a well-known series as Crazy for You, was the second to be chosen. In fact, her character in that series, Úrsula, was turned into Phoebe’s twin sister in a great nod to the other sit-com.

10. LeBlanc was about to lose the role in favor of Louis Mandylor, an actor who also reached the final stages of the casting and who, later, played the double of Joey in an episode.

Matt LeBlanc as Joey. Photo: Special

11. In addition, LeBlanc confessed that the night before the final audition he went on a binge with a friend and woke up at home with such a hangover that he hit his nose against the toilet. “Well … I told the truth and they gave me the role,” he sums up.

12. During the casting, the creators thought of Courteney Cox for the role of Rachel, but the actress was so insistent that she looked more like Monica … that she convinced the producers.

13. When he was cast in the role of Chandler, Matthew Perry had already signed for another series, LAX 2194, a wacky sci-fi comedy about baggage managers at a space airport. Despite the fact that the pilot had shot, Perry managed to get rid of this picturesque project.

14. Rachel was the last character to have a face. And, as in the case of Chandler, the chosen actress, Aniston, has just signed another series that had already shot six chapters. In fact, the creators recognize that if that series had continued, they would have had to record the first three chapters of Friends that Aniston filmed.

15. At this point, Aniston revealed the foolish prophecy of those responsible for the fiction that she abandoned for Friends: “That series is not going to make you a star, this one is.”

Aniston revealed the insane prophecy of those responsible for the fiction that she abandoned for Friends. Photo: Special

16. In the first season, none of the six had any real idea of ​​the scope and influence of the show and how it would change their lives. It was from the beginning of the filming of the second chapters when they noticed that their success and fame skyrocketed. “The only ones who really knew what we were going through were the other five,” they confess.

17. The series helped the BTS to learn English, as the members of the k-pop band, one of the surprise guests in the special, have confessed.

18. Despite what it might seem on screen, the relationship between David Schwimmer and Marcel, Ross’s monkey, was not very good. In fact, the actor confessed that shooting with the animal was what he liked the least about the series and that he hated that they had to repeat the scenes as a monkey and, above all, that he ate live larvae on his shoulder between scenes.

19. David Beckham identifies with Monica, as he is also a cleaning maniac.

20. “The One Where No One’s Ready”, the second episode of the third season in which Ross tries to get his friends to dress up so as not to be late for a gala dinner at the museum, was the first episode shot in real time, filmed in a single set, Rachel and Monica’s apartment, like a play.

21. But shooting plans were blown up when, in a scene where Joey had to jump on the couch he was competing for with Chandler, Matt LeBlanc suffered a shoulder accident. They had to stop the recording for several days so that he was treated at the hospital. He resumed filming with his arm in a sling, and the writers came up with a crude excuse on the spot to include the injury in the plot.

22. Always, before starting the recording, the Friends actors would get together in a “huddle” to encourage each other. They only put aside this tradition, precisely, before starting to shoot the chapter in which LeBlanc suffered the accident. From then on Matt always reminded them to do it.

23. At the bittersweet moment of the special, Matthey Perry confessed that he felt “anxiety” and “enormous pressure” during filming if the audience did not laugh at his jokes. “I thought I was going to die if they didn’t laugh, I started sweating and had seizures,” he revealed. “You never told us about it,” replied a shocked and surprised Lisa Kudrow.

24. The writers’ original plan was for Monica and Chandler’s relationship to be a one-night stand. But seeing the enthusiastic reaction of the public, they decided to give them more and more minutes until it became so “serious” that, as fans of the series well know, it would end up with them married and having twins.

25. Some of the protagonists of FriendsAs Lisa Kudrow confessed, they haven’t seen every season of the show.

26. Jon Snow isn’t actually a Targaryen, he’s a Geller. “I’m obsessive, fucking neurotic, and I wear pants that are too tight,” confessed actor Kit Harington, another guest.

27. In another of the hilarious moments rescued from the archive of stills, it is revealed what Joey was hiding under his robe. When Matt Leblanc opens his bathrobe before his companions in one of the scenes… he is not naked, but on his underpants he has a photograph of David Schwimmer. “It was your idea, Matt, remember?” He says, pointing at Perry.

28. Lisa Kudrow had, according to her peers, the loudest and most contagious laugh in the series.

29. Janice’s laugh, Maggie Wheeler, was a defense mechanism that the actress improvised to end the scenes with Perry, which she found too funny.

30. Jennifer Aniston and David Swimmer fell in love during the filming of the first season but they never achieved this attraction since they both had a partner. We were fond of each other but we were like two ships that crossed, because one of the two was always in a relationship, “said the actor.

And the certainty: The protagonists of Friends unanimously confirmed that, indeed and yes, Ross and Rachel were taking a break.

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Friends: 30 revelations and a certainty that leaves the reunion