‘He’s Like This’: Differences Between Tanner Buchanan’s Movie And The Original’ 90s Version With Freddie Prinze Jr.

Not only does the era make ‘He is like this’, starring Tanner Buchanan, and ‘She is like that’, a 90s production starring Freddie Prinze Jr., different from each other, so here we list 8 curious differences.

The Netflix remake of She’s Like This, starring Tanner Buchanan and titled He is like that, has not left anything convinced the fans of the version of the 90s because the differences between both films are very clear in terms of the use of technology, the contexts of the time, its distribution, and of course, the most obvious: that the weird nerd is played by a man and not by a woman as he did at the time. Rachael Leigh Cook. And while there are a lot of no-brainer as to their differences, we tell you others that at first glance you might not have noticed:

Different personalities

On She is like that the school nerd, Laney (Rachael Leigh Cook), was the protagonist of the story; but in the remake, the female counterpart is the most popular and famous girl in school: Padgett (Addison Rae).

Laney and Cameron

The character of Laney (Rachael), in the original version, she is an artist focused on painting, but in the Netflix movie, the passion of the school nerd, Cameron (Tanner), is photography and horses; activity that ends up joining Padgett (Addison Rae) and that in the end he works in his favor to reconnect with his beloved.

Brother / sister

It is true that in both versions both Cameron (Tanner) like Laney (Rachael) they lost their mother. But in the original version, Laney has a brother and takes on a kind of motherly role; Meanwhile in He is like that, Cameron has a sister and his relationship with her is not paternal at all.

New ways to flirt?

Maybe it’s just our perception, but Zack, a character played by Freddie Prinze, Jr., it takes a little more work to convince Laney to go out with him, while Cameron (Buchanan) It is enough for Padgett to pick up some horse poop to take an interest in her and even support her singing when her ex enters the scene.

Wink at Cobra Kai?

One of the weirdest moments of He is like that It was when Cameron brought out his karate skills for the sake of defending his sister at a party. Perhaps the writers of the scene wanted to take advantage of the actor’s skills learned in Cobra KaiLike when Zac Efron was put to play basketball in 17 again after being Troy Bolton in High School Musical. However, not only does the fight feel weird in the movie, it makes the character of Cameron is very different from Laney of the 90s, since she never defended her younger brother, Zack does.

Netflix and its teen friendly version

The nineties were a time of uncontrolled freedom for teenagers. We can see it in She is like that when they portray spring breakers, sex, characters drunk to faint, bullying and slightly risque language. But Netflix downgraded all of that so that his movie, He is like that, it was more familiar, without suggestive scenes, non-alcoholic drinks at parties and, mainly, without scenes that seem to be an invitation to the bullying. So, not only is the change of time and agenda noticeable, but also the intention to avoid bad examples at all costs.

Modern parents?

Another huge difference is in the behavior of the adults in both films. In the version of the 90s, they have more closeness with their teenage children and the example is in the relationship that exists between Laney and his father, who advises him to go to the dance and even helps him to light the garden so that he can dance with Zack at the end of the film. But in He is like that, not even the mother of Padgett – played by Racahel Leigh Cook- She is so close to her daughter and not to mention Cameron’s family that it is conspicuous by its absence.

The bet and its conditions

“Was I just a damn bet for you?” While that line is maintained, the conditions of the bet in both films are very different. On He is like that the bet is half in the air and it is not the main reason why Padgett wants to make someone popular, since his true intentions are focused on recovering his followers. On She is like that the bet is the The film’s scapegoat and the conditions are the perfect ending to the story with Zack attending the graduation ceremony naked.

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‘He’s Like This’: Differences Between Tanner Buchanan’s Movie And The Original’ 90s Version With Freddie Prinze Jr.