‘I used food to avoid my emotions’

It looked like a photograph like any other, it appeared Rebel Wilson, posing smiling with Novak Djokovic. Apparently, the image was taken during a tennis match they had shared, but it did not seem to have anything special. It was the actress’s message that changed everything. For a long time, Rebel has been on a fight to improve his health. With hard work, the blonde has been extremely proud of the achievements she has been achieving along the way and the results have been reflected through her social networks. Among the messages of encouragement that he has written, this has been a different one, because with his heart in his hand, he reflects on the moment in which that image was taken, because he explains that not only was he in his less healthy stage, but that he he was mourning the loss of his father.



Rebel Wilson shows off her silhouette in the same red dress Meghan Markle wore

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“Okay, well I know I usually post flattering pictures of myself… but finding this old photo in my email was like. ‘Wow!’ I remember this was when I was less healthy, overweight, and (was) indulging in too much junk food. I used food to avoid my emotions “, the actress’s text begins next to the aforementioned photograph,”My father had just passed away from a heart attack and it was a very sad time. He did not hold me in high regard and he was not valuing me as he should. It’s interesting that I was still smiling and trying to be active, this (photo) was taken at a charity tennis tournament (post-dating, Djokovic is such a nice guy), even though he was in so much pain. “

“I see that girl now and I am so proud of what he has become and what he has accomplished. And I just wanted to encourage everyone there, those who are struggling with their weight or body problems or emotional eating. I understand them. I know how that is. But it is never too late to start improving yourself and trying to be the most version of yourself possible. It is not a race or a competition, it is about respecting yourself and doing what is best for YOU. So if you are there and reading this today, I just want to tell you: keep smiling and trying to be active! I love you guys “, concluded the actress.


Her desire to be a mom, the reason behind her effort

Most sincere with his followers, this has not been the only message in this line that Rebel has wanted to share. A few weeks ago, he posted another message in which he opened his cape. “I got bad news today and I had no one to share it with… but I guess I have someone. For all the women who are struggling with fertility, I understand them. The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes everything makes sense … but I hope there is light to shine in the midst of so many black clouds ”, Rebel’s message began. On previous occasions, the actress shared that it was precisely when she learned that her overweight could prevent her from getting pregnant that she made her seek a change in her life. In an Instagram Live, the actress shared: “This is how it all started, (the doctor told me) that if I lost some of the extra weight, I would have a better chance of freezing my eggs and I would have better quality eggs. At first it wasn’t even about me, I was thinking about future mini-me and their quality. That was what led to everything. “

Rebel Wilson’s impressive turnaround

Although he did not reveal the bad news he received on the day of the message, after this post, he returned to edit it to thank all the positive messages: “I just wanted to say that I woke up this morning and read everyone’s kind messages and stories about their experiences. , and I can’t tell you when it meant to me and it made me feel better today. “



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‘I used food to avoid my emotions’