Jessica Chastain and her love for Mexico

From her first film appearances, the redhead Jessica Chastain drew attention for her safety and presence, for her natural beauty, for her sympathy and also for the choice of feminist themes in her filmography, something that she has always sought to do since she could choose. your own projects. Although there is a singular detail that very few people know about the protagonist of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, and this is that In his adolescence, he lived long periods in Mexico, so he fell in love with this country and returns to it whenever he can.

This endearing affection that Jessica has for Baja California, and more specifically for Cabo San Lucas, has to do with someone she considers the most important person in her formative years, her grandmother. Marilyn Chastain, who was a resident of the region for many years.

Jessica Chastain. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

The origin of the link of the Oscar nominee comes precisely from her close relationship with her grandmother; it was she who, being still very young, took her to see her first performance in theater; a local production of the Andrew Lloyd-Weber musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ (known in Mexico as ‘José el dreamer’), which impressed her so much that she took her by the path of artistic expression, which saved her – like her time in Mexico – from a difficult childhood and adolescence, stages of her life that Chastain almost never talks about.

I discovered that Chastain felt this deep affection for Mexico during an interview with her some years ago, on the sets of Universal Studios in Los Angeles, when she had just filmed, under Guillermo del Toro’s orders, the gothic horror film ‘Crimson Peak ‘. Sitting in the trailer assigned to her by the production, the actress, upon learning that her interviewer was Mexican, smiled and shared some of her experiences south of the border, which are a little different from the average celebrity, already that she did know life up close.

“My grandmother Marilyn was always very important to me,” he said. “And when I was 14 years old, she went to live very close to Cabo San Lucas, so on vacation I would go with her and later, when I finished high school, while I was deciding what I was going to do with my life – Jessica would enroll in 1997 in Sacramento City University and later, at the prestigious Juilliard School of the Arts in New York, from which he graduated in 2003 -, I went to live with my grandmother for a year. And the experience was very different from what you have as a tourist. We didn’t have a lot of money and I had to learn the basics of Spanish to communicate. I got a job and every day, in my spare time, I went to the beach. I was very happy, and I made friends that I still have today ”.

Jessica Chastain. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Jessica Chastain. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

When asked if fame had changed anything in his relationship with Mexico, with Cabo and with the friends he made, he pointed out that “actually, not so much. Fame only changes your life to the extent that you allow it to change. The friends I made met me when I hadn’t done anything to start my career yet, and I learned a lot from them. That is why I have great affection for that part of Mexico and its people..”

Although Jessica is currently (and for a long time) vegan, she came to enjoy some of the delicacies of Mexican food and that is something that she also fondly remembered, at the time of the talk “I really liked that mixture of flavors, consistencies . The sauces, the ingredients. The spicy and the sweet or the sweet and the salty. The texture of the corn tortilla, that of wheat flour. The aromas. All of this was part of my experience and sometimes a single aroma transports me to that moment in my life. “

Eventually Jessica’s grandmother left Cabo San Lucas. However, the actress has continued her frequent visits to Mexico, making it clear that an important part of her sentimental education growing up was done in Spanish, with a very Mexican flavor.


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Jessica Chastain and her love for Mexico