Lamb Movie: Release Date Rumours, Cast, Plot and What you didn’t know

October is Halloween month and has always been close to the people, and what can be better to make Halloween even more thrilling and eerie than a slasher film? Yeah, we are talking about a Hollywood slasher movie smashing directly in October, and this movie is Lamb, an A24 Production movie! Isn’t?

A24 has always been in good books and has never really disenchanted us with its movies, the horror movies like Hereditary (2018), The Witch (2016), The Monster (2016), The Lighthouse, is the production masterpiece of A24 that has passed with flying colors in actually in making us go bonkers and getting our blood run cold! and this time too we anticipate that we are again getting a dreadful movie from A24!

So when is Lamb hitting the big screen ? and what is it going to be about? Let us find out,

Lamb: When is Lamb Hitting the Big Screens?

Going with the official announcement, this eerie flick is going to be dropped on-screen on October 8, 2021; the movie would be released in big theatres, and for the time being, there aren’t any plans or rumors regarding its streaming on OTT platforms. Along with the release of Lamb, there is going to be other movies lined up for the release, such as James Bond’s “No Time To Die,” “Hill,” “Keep Going Night In Solo,” “The French Dispatch” would be competing with Lamb and all are an amazeballs!

So there will be a tough time for the LAMB to climb up to the ladder; however, given the Halloween time and the responses the Trailer got, it is expecting to be a smash like the other A24 flicks!

Lamb: The Cast of the Slasher Flick Lamb?

Source: Variety

Encased in a harrowing backdrop, the picture stars Noomi Rapace as Maria, Hilmir Snaer Gu∂Nason as Ingvar, Ingvar Sigurðsson, and Björn Hlynur Haraldsson. The movie has been directed and written by Valdimar Johannsson alongside the screenwriter and lyricist Sjón.

Lamb: What is Going to be the Plot of the Story?

Lamb Movie 2021

The story of the movie kickstarts with the childless couple receiving a gift in the form of a lamb in their sheep barn which they considered as god-sent to soothe the agony of their prolonged loss of losing their child; things go normal, and it seems as if the couple reconciled themselves and now are happy as the time progresses. However, things start getting creepy, and the situations turn miserable for the agonized couple for disobeying the laws of nature.

In the start of the teaser released, we see maria visiting a grave, and as the Trailer makes headway, we see baby lamb dressed like a human baby walking on two legs while holding Maria’s hand, and then we see glimpses of blood-stained on a man’s hand( face not shown in the Trailer).

More Insights

This movie is going to have a running time of 106 minutes. This horror slash was also screened at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and also won an award under the Un Certain Regard- Prize Of Originality among the three nominations it got at the Cannes, and it was also a nominee at the Jerusalem Film Festival under the Award for International Cinema.

With its first trailer, the movie sparked controversy immediately after amongst the show-goers and has already gained much popularity among people due to its outlandish plot, which it has been offering. In the Trailer itself, the movie’s story seems dramatic alongside the horror and is indeed replete with picturesque scenes where the movie has been shot, and sound effects in the Trailer also hears fine and eerie!

So the film, once it is released, seems to be taking place in the hearts of the moviegoers and slasher movie lovers! So perhaps A24 is again bringing a masterpiece for us to savor and give us Heebie-jeebies!