“Lucifer” ends, “Viejos” arrives at the cinema and there are more activities to do this week – Tvshow – 09/05/2021

César Troncoso with a reversal of an Orwell classic

On Thursday the work arrives at the Nelly Goitiño Auditorium 2084 which is based on the well-known novel by George Orwell, 1984. In this free and up-to-date adaptation of the text by Marcel Sawchik and Eugenia Fajardo, current technologies and problems are incorporated that will be projected into that possible dystopian future in which the story in which the protagonist takes place Cesar Troncoso and directs Sawchik himself. The performances will be from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 and tickets are on sale at Tickantel and at the box office of the hall at 400 pesos for the upper stalls and gathering, and 500 pesos for the lower stalls.

Lyrical Gala at the Solís, and “The Thousand and One Nights” at the Sodre

With the direction of Claudia Rieiro, the Sodre Youth Orchestra presents this Wednesday 8 the reprogrammed function of Arabian Nights which will have as soloist the flutist Noelia Cuadro and a repertoire that includes Carl Reinecke and Nikolái Rimski-Kórsakov. Tickets, at Tickantel from $ 80.

Nancy Fabiola Herrera.  Photo: Joaquín Fuentes
The mezzo-soprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera returns to Uruguay to participate in the “Lyrical Gala” at the Solís Theater. Photo: Joaquín Fuentes

On Thursday the 9th at the Solís Theater, directed by Ligia Amadio in charge of the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra and voices of Eiko Senda, Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Santiago Vidal and Alfonso Mujica presents a Lyrical Gala with arias by Bellini, Verdi, Puccini. Tickets in Tickantel from 400 to 650 pesos.

A new “Done Deal” has arrived, now with a families edition

The Tele continues with changes in its nightly programming. In addition to Vidas, Wednesday will be the premiere of Deal Done: Families Edition. It is a new version of this format that premiered in 2019 under the leadership of Sebastián “el loco” Abreu and which also had a “famous” edition with Maxi de la Cruz. This new edition has changes: in addition to playing for money, you can win a 0Km car. Driving is in charge of Lucia Rodriguez, who will be accompanied by German Medina. The comedian (and ex-partner of Rodríguez) will be the intermediary between “the treasurer” and the participants.

Two horror and one child hit theaters

On Thursday the movie theaters will be renewed, which will have three premieres. A priori the most interesting is Old that this is the new suspense movie of M. Night Shyamalan (that of The sixth Sense) that has a Gael Garcia Bernal and Alex Wolff in its cast. The plot centers on a family that arrives on a paradise island where there are some temporary anomalies.

Of that same genre is Evil one, new film by another exponent of terror: James Wan (that of The night of the devil and The spell) which centers on a girl who is paralyzed by visions of grisly murders; and things get complicated when he realizes that his nightmares are reality.

The third premiere is for children. Based on the characters created by the writer and illustrator Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit: Runaway Rabbit retells Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne as the humans in this rabbit adventure that wreaks havoc in its wake. Now the little rodent is going to the big city, and trouble will follow.

A very charismatic devil who opens his final season

Series picture
Image from the series “Lucifer”. Photo: Diffusion

The sixth and final season of the popular series arrives on Netflix on Friday Lucifer starring Tom Ellis, Lauren German and DB Woodside.

The series focuses on Lucifer himself, who, tired of living his punishment in Hell, moves to Los Angeles where he has a nightclub, does therapy and becomes a consultant to the police in order to punish the guilty. This last season will continue where the story left off, that is, after the confrontation between Lucifer and his twin Michael to occupy the heavenly throne, adding new characters that will complicate the long-awaited happy ending.


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“Lucifer” ends, “Viejos” arrives at the cinema and there are more activities to do this week – Tvshow – 09/05/2021