Marion Cotillard, Donostia Prize at the 69th San Sebastian Festival

The San Sebastian Festival has surrendered to the French actress Marion Cotillard, one of the most international and acclaimed in the French country. The winner of the Oscar for best actress for her portrayal of Édith Piaf will receive, on this occasion, the second Donostia Prize in the 69th edition of the Zinemaldia To be held September 17-25, Johnny Depp will be the other honorary international performer. After having triumphed in Cannes with the presentation of Annette, her latest feature film, the San Sebastian Festival has wanted to honor Marion Cotillard’s career, in which she has worked alongside the best filmmakers and actors from around the world through a journey of more than fifty films.

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Marion Cotillard, the most international French actress of the moment

Actress, composer and reference in the world of fashion, Marion Cotillard is one of the great stars of European cinematography of the moment. Coming from a family of artists, she has spent a lifetime dedicated to acting and it was in 1994 when she debuted on the big screen with the title The story of the young man who wanted to be kissed to later succeed with comedy Taxi, a feature film that earned him the first of his six nominations for the César Awards, the French equivalent of the Goya Awards. From then on, the actress added titles to her biography until In 2003 the Hollywood universe knocked on his door with Tim Burton with the tape Big Fish.

Since then, Marion Cotillard’s popularity has continued to grow and she was en 2008 when she was proclaimed the winner of the Oscars, BAFTA, César and Golden Globe Awards for her portrayal of Édith Piaf in the film Life in Pink, becoming the only woman to have won the best actress statuette for a French film. With a brilliant career, Marion Cotillard has worked hand in hand with directors such as Christopher Nolan, both in Origin with Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy; like in The Dark Knight Rises of the Batman saga, where he shared a cast with Christian Bale. A list to which titles such as Midnight in Paris Signed by Woody Allen and others like Public Enemies, Contagion, Blood Ties, Ellis’s Dream or Macbeth.


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Beyond the cinema, Marion Cotillard is a true icon of fashion and it is common to see her shine on the red carpets of the most important events in the world, where she dazzles by giving her personal touch to the designs of the most prestigious firms, even adding details with those who set trends. As if this were not enough, it is ambassador of the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume since 2020 and has also been the image of Lady Dior bags.




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But you can’t talk about Marion Cotillard overlooking her role as an environmental activist. The actress is a champion of caring for the planet and is used to using her public image to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change. In fact, last July he presented the documentary in Cannes Bigger than us, of which she is a producer and in which she gives a voice to the new generations of land care activists. The film can be seen in San Sebastián as a Donostia Prize Special Screening on Saturday September 18 at the Victoria Eugenia.

Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard, the winners at the San Sebastian Festival 2021

About the San Sebastián Film Festival, it will be Marion Cotillard who receives the first award at the opening ceremony, which will take place on September 17. Act in which you can enjoy the short Rosa Rosae. The civil War, by Carlos Saura, and the feature film Yi miao zhong / One Second (Un segundo)by Zhang Yimou. The other winner of the appointment, Johnny Depp, will receive a Donostia Award on September 22, Wednesday, at the Kursaal Auditorium, as part of the 69th edition of the San Sebastian Festival and in recognition of a versatile career thanks to which the organization of the event applauds him as “one of the most talented actors in contemporary cinematography”. For this, he gives as an example films such as those belonging to the saga Pirates of the Caribbean, Chocolat, The Minamata Photographer, Eduardo Scissorhands, as well as his many other projects with Tim Burton.

On the other hand, the movie Nomadland, Directed by Chloé Zhao, it will also be awarded at the 69th San Sebastian Festival chosen as the best of the year 2021 by the members of the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipresci). In this way, the film that already swept the last Oscar Awards ceremony, will add a new recognition.

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Marion Cotillard, Donostia Prize at the 69th San Sebastian Festival