Meet the nine filmmakers competing in CBC’s Short Film Face Off’s 14th season

Short Film Face Off is back for its 14th season showcasing the best of short films and emerging filmmakers from across Canada.

Who will win this year’s Face Off? Find out by streaming the series on CBC Gem. You can also watch on CBC TV on Saturdays – Aug. 14, 21, 28 and Sept. 4 – at  7 p.m. across the country (8 p.m. in the Maritimes and parts of Labrador and 8:30 p.m. NT).

Amanda Parris, nationally acclaimed writer and broadcaster, will host the show. Returning panelists include content curator Mohit Rajhans, cultural commentator Eli Glasner and joining the panel this season is Canadian film industry professional Magali Simard.

Home viewers get to vote on all nine competing films this year.


TIDES – Directed by Rowan Gray (Winnipeg)
Discovering her ailing grandmother has escaped, Eden must track her down through a harsh Canadian winter landscape.

GREEN GRASS – Directed by Michael Greco (Toronto)
A pair of optimistic migrants embark on an arduous trek in pursuit of the promise of a better life only to confront the realization their destination may no longer be the place they believed it was.

BARRIER – Directed by Sohee Hong (Vancouver)
An Asian girl faces subtle prejudice in her class in Canada while trying her best to connect with her classmates.


CURBSIDE PICKUP – Directed by Hingman Leung (Ottawa)
A dark comedy about trying to re-enter the dating pool in your thirties during a pandemic. What if the hardest thing about dating in 2020 isn’t the pandemic?

RESERVED – Directed by Eric Janvier (Edmonton)
After ignoring the advice of her therapist, Denee meets a faux spiritual hipster and her idea of a good time turns into a weird culturally appropriated night of awkwardness

PRAWN – Directed by Andrew Gillingham (Vancouver)
An overzealous and sensitive waiter can’t handle the nightly special appetizer, and decides to take matters into his own hands.


NORAH & POPPY – Directed by Bea Macapagal (Hamilton)
After the death of their mother, Norah and Poppy live in the care of their Lolo (Filipino grandfather). When Poppy suddenly falls ill,  Norah and Lolo must work against their fears to help Poppy recover.

PROMOTION – Directed by Mike Regis (Toronto)
After witnessing a racial incident in the workplace, a soon-to-be father’s morality is put to the test.

MAYA ETERNA – Directed by Arianna Martinez (Fredericton)
After moving from Argentina to Canada, Maya finds it difficult to adjust. The world passes her by at an overwhelming pace as she desperately hangs onto the past.


Discover the winner of season 14 of Short Film Face Off.

In addition to the broadcast opportunity on CBC TV and GEM, Telefilm Canada awards a cash prize of $30,000 to the top filmmaker.

With the mission to increase audience awareness of young filmmakers across Canada, Short Film Face Off is one of the highest profile showcases of short films in the country.

“Our alumni now include over 125 filmmakers,” noted the show’s independent producer, Bill Niven, Idlewild Films. “Many of them have gone on to careers in feature film and television series. We are proud to have played a small part in their success.”

Short Film Face Off is produced at CBC Halifax.