MONSTA X returns, BLACKPINK’s LISA breaks records, CL in her prime, and more

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What’s more, CL showed that he is in the best moment of his solo career, as he signed a contract with a British agency, which houses great international artists. On the other hand, big comebacks were confirmed. First, MONSTA X reported through their social networks that, on September 10, they will share with MONBEBE “One Day”, the single that will be included in their second album, completely in English.

Too MAMAMOO announced the release of a new compilation album with new versions of his past songs, and an unreleased song. AND, HyunA y DAWN, who are nowhere near releasing their first collaboration album, entitled “1 + 1 = 1”, shared with their fans some previews.

Finally, Dispatch, the middle south korean, confirmed that Lee Min Ho and former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo were dating. Time after, MYM Entertainment, the actor’s agency spoke, what did they say about it?


Dispatch confirmed that Lee Min Ho and former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo are dating.

This August 30, the South Korean media Dispatch released a statement, where they indicated that the renowned actor Lee Min Ho , and the idol of Kpop , ex MOMOLAND, Yeonwoo , been in a romantic relationship, for five months.

As reported, both artists shared similar hobbies , like playing video games and watching movies, and even they spent Yeonwoo’s birthday together. Dispatch too uploaded separate photos of the two, claiming they were on a date.

Moment after Dispatch share the report, MYM Entertainment, the agency in charge of Lee Min Ho, spoke about it. “It wasn’t just the two of them, and there were other friends present at the time. They are not photos of a date “ , made clear the company, about the photos shared by the medium.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is nowhere near debuting as a solo artist with her single album, called “LALISA.” In recent days, such material set a new record, being the album by a female Kpop solo artist to achieve the most pre-orders (over 700,000 in just four) , and the volume is expected to increase in the coming days.

In this way, “LALISA” surpassed the numbers set by BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s “R” , which reached more than 500,000 reservations in stock the day before the physical release of the album.

Pre-orders for the new material of the Thai artist reached several countries around the world, such as The United States, Korea, China, Japan, as well as regions of Europe and Southeast Asia.


Lisa from BLACKPINK is;  nothing to debut as a soloist with his single album, called "LALISA".

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is nowhere near debuting as a solo artist with her single album, called “LALISA.”

This September 1, the group’s official social networks announced that the new single will be called “One Day” , and that will be available from September, 10th . What’s more, Minhyuk commented on the platform V Live that it is a song completely in English, and that belongs to his next album.

Previously, the followers of Shownu, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Joohoney and IM, they came across some posts that gave little details about his return.

Days ago, MONSTA X wrote a strange message in English on his Twitter account. Secondly, Kihyun gave some spoilers for the second album in English of the group, after “All About Luv”, released on February 14, 2020.

Recently, RBW, the agency in charge of MAMAMOO, officially confirmed that the Kpop girl group will be making a comeback with a new compilation album, which will consist of new versions of their past hits, as well as a unreleased song.

The company announced that “MAMAMOO is currently preparing to release a best album that will look back on their last seven years in September. It will include new versions of their previous title songs and B-sides that have received a lot of love, and they will also release a new song with the album. We will inform you when more specific details have been decided “

In this way, the next album will mark the first release of MAMAMOO from their eleventh mini album “WOW”, shared last June. Also, it will be the first comeback of Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa since they renewed their contracts with the entertainment company, RBW.

A few weeks ago, PSY, the president of P Nation, agency that houses HyunA and Dawn , piqued the interest of many fans of the Kpop , when announcing the return of the artists. Now, the expectation increased, as he shared The teaser video for the Korean idol couple’s upcoming album.

Recently, the entertainment company released a clip, featuring a logo announcing “1 + 1 = 1”, HyunA and Dawn’s new collaboration material , which will be available from next September 9 at 6 PM Korean time (6 AM in our country).

CL is in an incredible artistic moment. Recently, Kpop idol released her new song titled “SPICY” , which ranked first on the Top Songs chart of iTunes, in some countries like: Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Moldova, the Philippines.

Now, it was confirmed that Former 2NE1 leader signed with British entertainment agency SATELLITE414 , which represents global superstars. In this way, CL will seek to expand its presence abroad.

SATELLITE414is a global entertainment agency based in the United Kingdom representing world famous musicians such as Adele, Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Duran Duran, and also famous actors like Simon Pegg.

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MONSTA X returns, BLACKPINK’s LISA breaks records, CL in her prime, and more