Monster Hunter: Blu-Ray Steelbook Review

We analyze in Cinemascomics the Blu-Ray in a metal box of Monster Hunter, the explosive adaptation of the famous Capcom video game.

In Cinemascomics we have analyzed the domestic edition on Blu-Ray Steelbook of Monster Hunter, in which Milla Jovovich gives life to the protagonist in this big screen adaptation of the famous video game, playing an earthbound soldier who will be transported to the world of Monster Hunter with her battalion, having to find a way to return home, as they fight to survive in a world plagued by giant monsters.

The movie Monster Hunter, whose premiere and stay in theaters has been diminished by COVID-19, is already on sale in stores on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD, each of these editions with a different cover design; as well as a limited edition Blu-ray in metallic box, of exclusive design and available in all the points of sale while stocks last. The Sony Pictures film is distributed in Spain in physical format by Arvi Licensing. Likewise, this spectacular film can be enjoyed for rent and digital sale, through the main platforms operating in Spain.

The Jovovich-Anderson couple once again join forces to offer us a new dose of unpretentious entertainment, where, like ‘Resident Evil’, are loosely based on a famous video game. Monster Hunter brings to the cinema the vast universe that millions of gamers around the world adore; a wide universe dominated by the most dangerous and powerful monsters, who defend their territory with ferocity and that you will have to defeat to survive.

When a sandstorm drags Lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit by surprise into this dangerous new world, it won’t take long for soldiers to discover that this hostile and unexplored land is crawling with giant creatures that are immune to their weapons of war. fire. In a desperate fight for survival, the unit will meet a mysterious hunter (Tony Jaa), who possesses special abilities and weapons that allow him to defeat terrible monsters. As trust between the two develops, Artemis will discover that the hunter is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Faced with a threat so great that it could end their own world, both factions of warriors will combine their abilities to wage the final battle against the creatures.

Along with a Lieutenant Artemis played by Milla Jovovich (‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ‘), we find Tony Jaa (‘Fast & Furious 7’) as the hunter, while Ron Perlman (‘Pacific Rim’) plays the Admiral. They complete the group of seasoned fighters “TI” Harris (‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’), Meagan Good (‘Shazam!’) And Diego Boneta (‘Terminator: Dark Fate’), among others.

The 4K UHD + Blu-ray edition (both the basic edition and the steelbook edition) includes a 4K UHD disc with the movie in ultra high definition and a Blu-ray disc with the movie in high definition and all its extras.

Monster Hunter has been written for the screen and directed by Paul WS Anderson (Resident Evil series). In turn, it is produced by Jeremy Bolt, Paul WS Anderson, Dennis Berardi, Robert Kulzer and Martin Moszkowicz, while Edward Cheng, Howard Chen and Hiro Matsuoka serve as executive producers. The tape is approximately 103 minutes long and is rated not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

The film, based on the creation of Ryozo Tsujimoto, is shown in its version on Blu-Ray Steelbook packed with extras, which we have reviewed for Cinemascomics readers. The analysis of the Blu-Ray in a metal box is completely free of spoilers, in case you have not yet had the opportunity to see this adrenaline-pumping action and science fiction film, and you want to know what extras this film adaptation of the video game saga contains. Capcom’s action role, which has been triumphing on video consoles since it debuted on PlayStation 2.


Technical data:


  • Audio in English, Spanish and French Dolby Digital 5.1; audio description service in English Dolby Surround.
  • Subtitles in English for the deaf, English, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish and Arabic.
  • Standard definition movie, 16 × 9 screen (2.40: 1).


  • Audio in English, Spanish and French DTS-HD MA 5.1; English audio description service Dolby Audio 5.1.
  • Subtitles in English for the deaf, English, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish and Arabic.
  • High definition movie, widescreen (2.40: 1).


  • Dolby Atmos English Audio (Supports Dolby Atmos True HD 7.1); Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese DTS-HD MA 5.1; Latin American Spanish and Thai Dolby Audio 5.1.
  • Subtitles in English for the deaf, English, Spanish, Traditional Mandarin, Simplified Mandarin, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and Thai.
  • Ultra high definition movie, widescreen (2.40: 1).


The Monster Hunter (8 min.):

The film is full of characters from the game, such as the Admiral, the Manager or the Palicos; but even without knowing anything about the game, there are close characters who introduce you to this new world, says the director. In this way, the team members thought that in order to attract all types of audiences, not just fans of the franchise, a part of the film had to be developed in our world, to make it accessible to all.

They continue with the presentation of the members of the Artemis team, the main character played by Milla Jovovich. For the film, they had military advisers who helped bring life and credibility to their characters. Along with this, the actress and the director explain how they dedicated a lot of time and effort so that Captain Artemis was real and close.

They also talk about the Hunter, played by Tony Jaa, whom Milla Jovovich considers “a real superhero” because he does all his action scenes without stuntmen or cables. In turn, they explain that the Admiral, played by Ron Perlman, commands a huge ship sailing through the sand dunes.

For Gamers and Geeks (7 mins.):

For Paul WS Anderson, what he loves most about Monster Hunter video games is that what is written on the box is exactly what the game is. If you like monsters and hunting it, this story is for you. The filmmaker has declared himself a fan of the saga for more than a decade, so he negotiated the rights with Capcom.

For her part, costume designer Danielle Knox explains that they were advised by an expert in the game to be faithful to the environment and costumes of the Monster Hunter universe. In addition, the producers comment that the production designer, Edward Thomas, included many references to the game in the different settings of the film. But they also shot as much as they could in real places, like in very lost places in Africa.

On the other hand, Milla Jovovich confesses that Rathalos is her favorite creature; while for the director, his favorite is Nerscylla.

Monstrous Arsenal (5 min.):

The director is a huge fan of the series and wanted to be faithful to the film adaptation, so he chose some of the fan-favorite elements. Thus, the Hunter uses the Great Sword and the Great Bow. Whereas Milla Jovovich loves Double Swords.

These weapons and the rest that we see in the film were created by Kerry Von Lillienfeld, Monster Hunter Props Boss. In this way, we see how they created the Great Bow and the Great Sword for Tony Jaa, but also the Admiral’s ax for Ron Perlman.

Deleted scenes (3 minutes):

It consists of two deleted sequences.

Finally, we hope you enjoy buying Monster Hunter, now available to take home on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD, and a limited edition Blu-ray in a metal box. As well as in digital format. And, in this way, you will be able to see it as many times as you want, both in its original version and dubbed into Spanish.

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Monster Hunter: Blu-Ray Steelbook Review