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Old – 55% (Old) is the new film by Indian director M. Night Shyamalan (known for films like Sliver – 75%, from 2017; The Last Airbender – 6%, from 2010; and The Sixth Sense – 85%, from 1999; among other). True to its narrative line, Old is a one hour and 48 minute long thriller. With a script of his own Shyamalan, Frederick Peeters and Pierre-Oscar Levy, this American production, Old, has the performances of Gael García Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rufus Sewell, Alex Wolff, Thomasin McKenzie, Abbey Lee, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ken Leung, Eliza Scanlen and Embeth Davidtz, among others.

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Old is the story of a family that, during a vacation, chooses to spend time in a tropical paradise. However, despite the beauty of the place, they will soon discover that that distant beach, where they only planned to spend a few hours of relaxation, begins to age them very quickly, to the point of reducing everyone’s life, apparently, to a just day …

Dividing the opinions of the critics, Old men – 55% joins the list of controversial films in the career of M. Night Shyamalan. And it is not that the argument is considered a bad premise for the most ferocious critics, quite the contrary, not the development of the film, sometimes over-explained.

The truth is Shyamlan knows the audience and knows how to use his visual and filming resources very well to generate tension and provoke reactions in both his characters and his viewers.

Strange to the general critics, Old It perfectly reflects the style of its director, so attached to those stories that move between the terrain of terror, suspense and fantasy.

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To finish, below we offer you a brief compilation of criticisms, reviews and ratings on the new film of M. Night Shyamalan, Old – 55%:

From a not very favorable perspective, TL: DR Movie Reviews and Analysis notes:

This is such a strange movie that it becomes difficult to recommend to people because it doesn’t fit into any genre.

Doug Jamieson opinion for The Jam Report:

There’s a brilliant movie hidden here somewhere, but it’s overshadowed by strange directional choices and a script with no focus or depth and some of the worst dialogue you’ve ever heard.

For The AU Review, Peter Gray comments:

It is a very bad movie. You won’t waste a year of your life on this, but even these 108 minutes feel too precious to spend on this tape …

Along the same lines, Anthony Morris stands out for It’s better in the Dark the next:

… It had a good chance of becoming a great movie. Unfortunately, it was not.

Brian Tallerico reviews for his part for RogerEber.com that:

Sadly, the movie crashes when you decide to offer some no-nonsense explanations and connect the dots that didn’t really need to be connected.

From a different angle, Jim Schembri writes in jimschembri.com:

An attractive diversion (…) Shyamalan uses some baffling and wacky framing and great follow-up shots that build up tension as things grow more and more off-center and the understanding of these poor souls …

Lisa Nystrom point in film:

Shyamalan he is always aware of both the camera and his audience. Using indirect angles and blocking during certain key moments serves to heighten the tension, forcing audiences to use their imaginations based on a character’s reaction shots along with tantalizing glimpses of terrors lurking just outside the frame.

For Filmink Australia, Cain Noble-Davies underlines:

A fascinatingly strange movie that only someone like Shyamalan it can offer…

On The New York Times, Glenn Kenny describe que:

The fluid filming style of Shyamalan, whose standout features are a nearly always mobile camera and a bag of focusing tricks, serves you especially well here.

While Peter Bradshaw stands out in The Guardian:

The elements of silliness and deadly seriousness are very well balanced and while I wasn’t absolutely sure of the ending, which perhaps has too neat a tie, this is very nice and I was on the edge of my seat without knowing it.

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