Patty Jenkins (‘Wonder Woman 1984’) on streaming movies: “They all look fake”

Patty Jenkins is starring in a crusade for movie theaters. The director of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, very upset that her film was released both in theaters and on HBO Max, has given her opinion on the ability (according to her, nil) of streaming platforms to make movies memorable and stay in time.

“All the movies that streaming services are releasing, sorry, they look like fake movies to me”the filmmaker said recently in a statement collected by the Los Angeles Times. “I don’t hear anyone talk about them, I don’t read anything about them. It’s not working as a model to establish legendary greatness.”.

His statements come from a panel discussion that took place a few days ago at CinemaCon, the annual event held in Las Vegas in which Hollywood studios present their films to US theater owners. The director of ‘Monster’ discussed the future of theatrical screening with Chris Aronson (president of national distribution at Paramount Pictures), Rolando Rodriguez (president of the Marcus Theaters chain) and Mark Zoradi (president of the cinema chain Cinemark).

A few days ago, another Jenkins headline, which also emerged from this event, went around the Internet: the one in which He claimed that releasing ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ at the same time in theaters and on HBO Max “broke his heart”. “Look, I make films to be lived in a movie theater. That is the corner where I like to play. It seems good to me if the second or third time you see my film on your mobile, but I grew up loving the cinema”Said the director who is now preparing a film about Cleopatra again with Gal Gadot.

On the other hand, he is not against the existence of Netflix and other platforms, which seem to him a perfect channel for serial fiction. “I also have a deal to do things for Netflix, because I deeply believe in miniseries and series. As a filmmaker there are stories that I want to tell, like ‘I Am the Night’, that are longer and do not fit the film format”he explains, referring to a miniseries starring and directed by Chris Pine that premiered on TNT in 2019. “Streaming is great for massive amounts of content and doing serial marathons. I think they are two very different offerings and they should be successful at two very different things. So I think it is wrong for the film industry to throw away something so valuable”.

Let him go talking to Disney …

One of the projects that Patty Jenkins is preparing is a ‘Star Wars’ movie, ‘Rogue Squadron’, which is intended to be “the best fighter pilot movie of all time”. A few months ago we learned that he had hired screenwriter Matthew Robinson (‘Dora and the Lost City’) to write the libretto.

Disney has been releasing its films all year long in cinemas and on its streaming platform, Disney +, a trend that has begun to reverse for the first time with ‘Free Guy’ and now with ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’, the first Marvel film to hit theaters exclusively in two years. Be careful, because the house of the mouse could well premiere ‘Rogue Squadron’ on Disney + if you consider it … And she could end up on trial as Scarlett Johansson for the premiere of ‘Black Widow’.


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Patty Jenkins (‘Wonder Woman 1984’) on streaming movies: “They all look fake”