Raylan’s Law, the best series you have available on AXN NOW

The volume of series premieres has grown so much in recent years that we are always overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of weekly news. As many interesting titles have escaped us while they were on air, their arrival in the catalogs of the on-demand platforms is a good opportunity to recover them, and that moment has come with Justified: La Ley de Raylan, which we can see complete and in marathon in AXN NOW starting Thursday, April 1, along with other great series available in the service such as Coyote O The Good Doctor.

This series created by Graham Yost (Band of Brothers, The Pacific), based on novels by Elmore Leonard, an author whose works have been made into a film by John Sturges Quentin Tarantino or Steven Soderbergh, is one of the best original productions in the history of the FX channel. Although Justified never managed to make the gap it deserved in the awards ceremonies, critics followed with interest its five seasons until an ending that lived up to the series.

The protagonist of this story is the marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant, Deadwood) who, after having shot a head of the Miami drug cartel, in an action in which his volatility and extreme style questioned, is transferred to his hometown, in Harlan County (Kentucky). Raylan takes his transfer for what it is: a punishment and there his work acquires personal overtones when he meets old acquaintances who now move on the other side of the law.

Whether Justified: La ley de Raylan It is one of your eternal earrings as if it is the first time you hear about it, then we give you five reasons to see her in your next marathon series.

Timothy Olyphant como el marshal Raylan Givens.


1. An addictive modern western

Justified It is a mixture of western and noir that moves in a story dominated by moral ambiguity and the very personal sense of justice of its protagonist. His tone is enriched with a few successful and very measured doses of humor that always come from the characters’ exquisite, elaborate, and poignant dialogues.

2. The setting and themes

As a backdrop to the series is the lives of small forgotten towns that depended on the mining industry for their livelihoods, in which the economic depression of 2008 caused that the drug trade and organized crime that they bring with them will prosper. This situation makes Harlan’s community have so much personality that he becomes one more character.

Regarding the topics, it is the impossibility of escaping both from the town and from one’s own destiny, which is reflected from the beginning with the arc of Raylan Givens, who fought all his life to escape from Harlan and in the end it is his own actions that led him back. This need to escape from the past and break family ties to write a story of their own is what makes Raylan y a Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins), protagonists and rivals of this story, who grew up in the same town with criminal parents, and when they reached adulthood they chose different and opposite paths, but condemned to cross again.

Walton Goggins is the antagonist of the series.

Walton Goggins is the antagonist of the series.


3. His characters are unforgettable

The charisma of the characters they play Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins, faced from their youth and with great chemistry on the screen, is overwhelming, but all the characters in the series, both regular and episodic, are drawn with a fine and defined line.

From the secondary to the magnificent villains of each season, it will be difficult for you to forget characters like la Mags Bennett de Margo Martindale, a character with whom the actress won an Emmy Award as a supporting actress in a drama; or the spectacular Ava by Joelle Carter, one of the best characters in the entire series. They are just two examples of a luxury cast through which you will see actors such as Sam Elliott, Natalie Zea, Jeremy Davies, Kaitlyn Dever, Garret Dillahunt, Mary Steenburgen or Adam Arkin.

4. It grows with each season

In its first installment, Justified It is structured almost like a procedural in which Harlan’s new marshal must solve a case every week, but don’t be guided by that first impression, because the narrative never feels formulaic and the enormous potential is glimpsed from the beginning.

Of course, from the first episode of the second season, this is no longer a good series to become a brilliant and highly addictive series, with memorable scenes and an increasingly rich universe, which makes it worthy of being on any list of the best in television so far this century.

5. Has a perfect ending

Fair or not, we tend to judge a series in its entirety and in hindsight depending on how it ended. Only those who are lucky enough to hitting it with a good closing go down in history, and Justified did. The series that AXN NOW is premiering now gave us the ending that the characters needed and at the same time broke our expectations with some unexpected decision, all this adorned with the tie of lines of dialogue that we can only qualify as perfect. An authentic jewel whose farewell leaves us totally satisfied.


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‘Justified: Raylan’s Law’ will be available in full on AXN NOW starting April 1.


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Raylan’s Law, the best series you have available on AXN NOW