Rumor: James McAvoy to return as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

In 2021 he surprised fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the premiere of WandaVision – 95%, but the appearance of Evan Peters as Quicksilver was a major disappointment when it was revealed that he was not the same character from the X-Men saga, but an ordinary citizen. The Ralph Bohner case made fans incredulous about the possibility of a crossover with the X-Men universe, but then the Loki series – 96% showed us that the multiverse is a reality, and the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Road Home has made it clear that we will see characters from the previous Spider-Man movies again, so is anything possible?

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According to a rumor shared by various insiders like Daniel ritchman and Viewer Anon, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will bring us the Illuminati, a group made up of some of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel. According to the insiders, this will be the introduction of Professor Charles Xavier, better known as Professor X, leader of the X-Men, and together with Doctor Strange, Captain Carter, Balder the Brave, Monica Rambeau and Mordo, they would found the Illuminati.

Charles Xavier appeared in the X-Men movies played by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, the former giving life to the old version and the latter to the young version. If we are to believe in the site GeekosityMarvel Studios wants McAvoy back in the role, but it might not be the same version of Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe.

According Geekosity, Professor X would appear as an old friend of Doctor Strange, so he would not be the character we already know. The reason for searching for McAvoy would be that Kevin Feige, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, admires the actor’s portrayal in the X-Men tapes. However, the report of Geekosity contradicts recent rumors, like the one you shared Daniel Richtman about a showdown between Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch and a character from Fox’s X-Men universe.

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Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened the doors to the multiverse and will bring back Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin (both confirmed by the first trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home), the most logical thing would be to seize the opportunity and use the best characters already appeared in the X-Men films, several of which were co-produced by Kevin Feige before being in charge of Marvel Studios.

Surprisingly enough, the actor Patrick Stewart gave a hint about Marvel’s plans for the future when in January 2020 he declared Digital Spy who had conversations with Feige about his possible return as Charles Xavier, but declined the offer, considering that his dismissal at Logan – 93% was masterful:

I met with Kevin Feige a couple of months ago and we had a long, very long conversation. And there have been some moves and suggestions, including Charles Xavier. The problem is this. If we hadn’t done Logan, then yeah, I’d be ready to use that wheelchair one more time and be Charles Xavier. But Logan changed that. We were moved by the story, we were moved by each other [él y Hugh Jackman], but we also both made the decision that we would say goodbye to our characters. In that sense, it is not only the death of those two men in the franchise, but also a farewell to our role in it.

There are also rumors that Hugh Jackman will have an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Wolverine, and a couple of months ago the actor posted a picture with Kevin Feige, which increased the excitement of the fans, but later assured that his position remains firm and that he will not return to the role.

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Rumor: James McAvoy to return as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness