Ten things you should know about John Cena

Are you an unconditional fan of John Cena? Do you know him as much as you think? The WWE and action film superstar has not had an easy life. Did you know that he was homeless? What was bullied? And that for this reason he asked for a set of weights for Christmas when he was 12 years old? Next, we tell you 10 secrets and curiosities of John Cena, the superstar, the actor, the rapper …

1. Hustle, loyalty, and respect

Work hard, loyalty and respect. It is their motto and a way of life, a moral code. As Cena himself says: ‘work hard, be loyal to those who are loyal to you, and respect everyone, even your enemies.’

2. A set of weights at age 12

He asked for it as a Christmas present because he suffered from bullying and thought that if he gained muscle, if he got bigger, they would stop messing with him.

3. Degree in Physiology

At Springfield College in Massachusetts, he earned a degree in Physiology. He also played football, where he wore the number 54, a number that he still uses on some of his merchandise.

4. He was homeless

He moved to Los Angeles to try his luck as a bodybuilder, but didn’t have enough money to pay rent. For a time he lived in his 1991 Lincoln Town Car. He kept his clothes in the trunk and slept in the back seat. He used the changing rooms and shower at the gym where he worked.

Homeless John Cena

5. WWE Scout

Jim Ross met him when he was training for bodybuilding and had various jobs. He was impressed by his knowledge of wrestling and returned to WWE headquarters. “I was so excited to meet this guy that I went straight to see Vince McMahon. He said, ‘where have you been, have you seen someone you liked?’ And me: ‘I think I saw a guy who will headline WrestleMania in five years or less.’ Vince replied, ‘I think you should go home and take a shower. You’re delusional.’ But I was excited with John Cena. “

6. The tuna can rap

At the beginning of his WWE career John Cena could not connect with the public. During a European tour, he heard other superstars rapping in the back of the bus and he took off. One of the WWE bosses heard him and challenged him to rap over a can of tuna. He overcame the challenge and started rapping in the ring as well. In 2005 he released his first album, entitled ‘You can’t see me’, which sold more than 40,000 copies in its first week and reached number 15 on the Billboard 200 charts.

7. Prototype

His first nickname in the ring was ‘Prototype’, a half-human, half-robot character. John Cena debuted in WWE in 2002 and has won all the championships there have been and to have: 25 in total. He is the second WWE Superstar to own 16 official world reigns: 13 WWE Championships, 5 United States Championships, 3 World Heavyweight Championships, 2 World Tag Team Championships, and 2 WWE Tag Team Championships.

8. Has a big heart

She holds the official record of being the celebrity who has granted the most wishes through the NGO Make a Wish. She granted her first wish in 2004 and has now exceeded 650 making the dreams of seriously ill children come true.

9. Great car lover

It has a collection of more than 20 cars from different eras that it boasts on its social networks. It includes some impressive classic pieces – from a 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger 426 to a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird to a 1970 Buick GSX. And it still has the old 1991 Lincoln Continental that you used to sleep in when you had no money.

10. Action and comedy actor

John Cena combines his career in wrestling with film, from war movies to comedies. Her first role was in 2006’s The Marine. Since then she has amassed an impressive list of action roles. In 2021 he has released two films: the last installment of the Fast & Furious 9 saga, where he plays the brother of Vin Diesel’s character, and Suicide Squad, in the role of Peacemaker.

The saturday august 21 you can see him in the ring of WWE facing Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Will be on SummerSlam 2021, the most important event of the summer, which for the first time will take place in Las Vegas (United States). Specifically, in the Allegiant Stadium, home of the American football team Los Raiders. Musical performances, fireworks and all the superstars.

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Ten things you should know about John Cena