The 15 best series to avoid falling into post-holiday depression on Netflix, Apple TV or Movistar +

September is synonymous with summer and holidays coming to an end. Returning to the routine, to work or to studies is always a hard step for many, who are looking for incentives or formulas to make the ninth month of the year start on the right foot and be more bearable, such as watching good and fun series.

Nolan Gould was only 11 years old when filming began on ‘Modern Family’.

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Fortunately, today’s streaming platforms offer a wide catalog of happy series, comedies that will lift our spirits and characters that will make us smile in a matter of seconds. Here are the 15 best series to avoid post-vacation depression at all costs.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

It is one of the most famous series on the Apple TV + platform and one that has dazzled thousands of people. Ted Lasso is an American football coach who decides to travel to London to coach a team. He will soon realize that they play another type of football there, and he will quickly turn the team’s discouragement into a thread of hope.

The Good Place (Netflix)

The plot of the series tells the story of a woman, Eleanor, who due to her outrages should have been sent directly to hell, but due to a bureaucratic mess she has ended up in paradise. There, you can get everything you want just by asking for it. Despite this, little by little he will try to mature and become a better person.

Schitt’s Creek (Movistar +)

This is the perfect comedy for anyone looking to achieve non-stop laughter. The story, created by Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, centers on the life of the billionaire Rose family, who lose all their money and have no choice but to live in their last remaining property: a house in the town of Schitt’s Creek. .

Schitt's Creek is a comedy about four fish out of water.

Schitt’s Creek is a comedy about four fish out of water.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

If September makes you nostalgic for those great summer days and nights that you’ve spent and that, already missed, you should opt for this series. Kimmy Schmidt, the protagonist, is a hyperactive girl, very happy and with a facility to spread her happiness to everyone around her.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Netflix)

Rachel Bloom, the famous Youtuber who has decided to become an actress, is the protagonist of the series that she has created herself. The obsession of a woman to recover the love of her childhood becomes a type of musical soap opera with great social and feminist reflections.

Parks and recreation (Amazon Prime Video)

One of the actresses who laughs the most is Amy Poehler. If in a series we get to join her with Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt or Aziz Ansari, the laughter is more than assured. The main objective is to turn an abandoned lot into a formidable park.

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Netflix continues to expand its catalog of series and movies

Adventure Time (HBO)

Without a doubt, it is one of the funniest animated series with a large number of followers. The crazy adventures of the two protagonists, a teenager and a dog with powers through the unexplored Land of Ooo is a good option to leave your mind blank and have a great time.

Adventure time, soon on HBO Spain.

Adventure time, on HBO Spain.

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The Big Bang Theory (Netflix, HBO, Amazon)

The cult series tells the lives of four very peculiar scientists and their experiences as time goes by. Surely it is one of those series that you have seen a large number of chapters, but you would never stop watching. Sheldon Cooper is unique and so is everything around him.

One of the best known series in Spain is, without a doubt, The Big Bang Theory

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Shameless (Movistar +)

The series tells the daily life of a more than peculiar family, directed by an alcoholic and carefree father and made up of a good group of crazy and uneducated children who will make you laugh and cry like never before.

Maybe Shameless shouldn't have gone on without Emmy Rossum.


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Silicon Valley (Netflix)

The protagonists of the series are a group of ‘geeks’ who love science and technology. All of them seek to achieve success with their discoveries, with the aim of continuing to pay the rent on their house.

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Bojack Horseman

It is a series with millions of followers around the world due to all the aspects that the series touches. The protagonist, the horse Bojack, must overcome the difficulties that appear along the way, while making more than interesting reflections.

BoJack Horseman.

BoJack Horseman.

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Modern Family (Netflix)

One of the series that Neox has come to broadcast for many years and that has won the sympathy of thousands of people. The series tells the story of three very peculiar and different families, with different social roles and with a lot of jokes and ironies in between.

Modern Family

Modern Family

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Friends (HBO)

It is one of the most mythical and famous series of the last decades. Although it hides various sexist or racist attitudes, the story of Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler has reached the Olympus of television.

Better Things (HBO)

Pamela Adlon is the protagonist of this series. She is a single mother who has to carry out a lot of responsibilities and tasks throughout her day to day life. In turn, she will try by all means to try to look like a sexually active woman.

Pamela Adlon in the pilot of 'Better things'.

Pamela Adlon in the pilot of ‘Better things’.

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The 15 best series to avoid falling into post-holiday depression on Netflix, Apple TV or Movistar +