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‘Carol’, ‘With love, Simon’, ‘Portrait of a woman on fire’ or ‘Weekend’ are essential titles to explore non-normative sexuality. Great stories within diversity.

The LGBT collective has always been lacking in cinematographic referencesBut in recent years, studios have kicked in and, more and more, they release stories whose protagonists have sexual orientations and non-normative gender identities.

If before a gay or lesbian character was left as mere secondary -or if he suffered the worst of situations for not falling within what society considers normal-, now they begin to adopt main roles and their plots no longer only revolve around their sexual preferences.

If you are looking for the best LGBT movies of recent years, this compilation of 18 titles can help you.


A beautiful story between Therese, a young shop assistant, and Carol, an upper-class woman who hates her marriage. After Therese, on impulse, sends her a Christmas card, a beautiful relationship arises between them. Set in the 1950s, both will have to assess whether they should maintain a forbidden romance and risk their normal – albeit unhappy – lives. The director, Todd Haynes, and the performances of Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara tell a tale with great sensitivity and beauty.


On Moonlight, Chiron struggles to find his place in Miami’s most troubled neighborhood. In an environment of violence, the young man tries to discover himself and explore his sexuality. The director is Barry Jenkins and with this 2016 film he won his first Oscar for Best Film at the most remembered gala in history. Yes, the one that gave the winner La La Land until they realized that there had been a failure. In 2019 he also garnered several nominations for The Beale Street blues and Regina King was the winner. This time no wrong envelopes.


In a small mining town in Wales, hidden between valleys, it takes place Pride, a funny story about the pride of being LGBT. The film is set in the United Kingdom of Margaret Thatcher and the struggle of the miners who are on strike for their rights. A London gay and lesbian collective decides to raise money and support their cause, but the miners are ashamed of the source of the aid. The LGBT community ends up visiting the town and changing their lives completely.


Girl It was one of the most sought-after films of 2018, it went through dozens of festivals -in Cannes it swept- and it was nominated for the Golden Globes in the category of Best Foreign Film. Girl tells the story of Lara, a teenager who was born as a child and whose greatest desire is to be an elite dancer. Victor Polster is the actor who gives life to Lara in a masterful way.

‘Portrait of a woman on fire’

The director Céline Sciamma tells in Portrait of a Woman on Fire the story of Marianne and Héloïse, two women from completely different worlds who join their paths in France in 1770. With extraordinary subtlety, Sciamma describes a time in which the opinion of women were secondary and had to submit to the wishes of others, especially if they were their parents or husbands. In Portrait of a Woman on Fire, Marianne is commissioned to paint Héloïse without her knowing it. To do this, you must observe it without attracting much attention.

‘A secret love’

Terry and Pat have been together and in love since they met in 1947, but for their family they have always been Aunts Terry and Pat. They did not come out of the closet until the 2010s. 65 years of a relationship that they have kept secret even from their loved ones and that in 2020 came to light in the form of the documentary A secret love. A wonderful story about true love and the difficult times they faced together.


Jonas explores the life of the protagonist in two different times: the present and the past. Through jumps in time, we meet the adolescent Jonas as he explores his sexuality and also the unhappy adult who tries to chart his way in the big city. With his storytelling style, he makes the viewer ask a lot of questions about Jonas as he explores his traumas.

‘Call me by your name’

Elio, Elio, Elio… How well we understood you, how we cried with you and how much we appreciated the talk with your father. Based on the novel by André Aciman, Call me by your name It is one of those essential films, both inside and outside of LGBT cinema. Luca Guadagnino takes us to the north of Italy during an unforgettable summer for its two protagonists, Elio and Oliver, who live a relationship as brief as it is intense.

‘The season of happiness’

Abby is in love with his girlfriend, Harper, and plans to propose to her during the Christmas holidays that he is going to spend with his family, but she does not know a small detail: they do not know that Harper has a girlfriend. In fact, they don’t even know that she is a lesbian. Clea DuVall (The intervention) directs this entertaining and unpretentious Christmas comedy.

‘With Love, Simon’

With Love, Simon It was the first LGBT-themed film from a major Hollywood studio, such as 20th Century Fox, to be released in theaters. Indeed, in 2018. There is still a long way to go, but this adaptation of Becky Albertalli’s novel is a great romantic comedy, a genre that belonged only mainly to cis hetero white people (and that this is changing too), which has achieved such success that it has a highly recommended spin-off in the form of a series under the title With love, Victor.


Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, together in a movie like Ammonite. With this detail, nothing can go wrong and less with this love story between two women set in London in 1840. One of them a fossil hunter and the other a convalescent wife who puts herself in the hands of this hunter to take care of her . Although their relationship begins with a strong confrontation by their opposite personalities, in the long run a relationship begins that turns into a love story.

‘We only have to dance’

We only have to dance It is a film that got a great tour of several film festivals, such as Cannes or the European film festival in Seville. In addition, it was highly acclaimed by critics. In a conservative setting, Merab is a great national dance dancer in Georgia. But his world is shaken when he meets Irakli, who soon becomes his greatest rival and, at the same time, his greatest wish.

‘Land of God’

Starring two great actors such as Josh O’Connor and Alec Secareanu, Land of god it was nominated for a BAFTA in the category of best British film of the year. And it is no less. The story follows a young Yorkshire farmer who tries to leave a life of alcohol and sex behind when his father was partially paralyzed by an accident. But when a Romanian immigrant arrives in town, his outlook on life changes radically.

‘The maid’

Directed by acclaimed director Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy), The maid It is one of those films that you have to see yes or yes in life. Set in the 1930s, a Japanese noblewoman has inherited an important capital. Here comes a scammer who wants your money, a young maid who gets involved with the phony and the wealthy young woman’s uncle, who is her guardian. Simply hypnotic.


Surely you have lived a very strong love story during a weekend and this is the main plot of Weekend, where Tom Cullen and Chris New give life to the leading couple who know each other as if it were something of a night, but without realizing it goes further, getting to know each other better and talking about all the topics that can be discussed. A brief encounter that radically changes their lives.


Starring two great actresses such as Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz, the main reasons why you will stay in Disobedience. The story follows Ronit, a Jewish woman who ran away from her Orthodox family to be a photographer and not marry or have children. But when he returns to his city after the death of his father, he is reunited with his childhood friend Esti. This rekindles the romance of a complicated past.

‘Half conquest’

Half Conquest is undoubtedly a hidden gem of Netflix. Ellie Chu is the smartest girl in high school. The one who always does work for her colleagues in exchange for money. But one day, one of them asks him to write a love letter to Aster Flores, the most beautiful, intelligent and popular girl in high school and whom Ellie herself secretly loves. Unpretentious, this movie perfectly tells a love triangle in which you want to hug its protagonist at all times.

‘Super nerds’

Super nerds or better, Booksmart It is the film that has been ignored at the 2019 awards. It was only nominated for a Golden Globe and it was for the great work of Beanie Feldstein. Olivia Wilde’s debut feature is just perfect and a lot of fun. With two protagonists, one of them lesbians, whose love story is about the best I have seen in many years and where a friendship that breaks barriers is illustrated. It is simply wonderful.

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The 18 Best LGBT Movies of Recent Years – Movie News