The Billions series is back with non-binary actress Asia Kate Dillion

Billions non-binary star Asia Kate Dillon returns to her historic role for the show’s fifth season.

The remaining episodes of the fifth season of the popular mutual fund drama will finally premiere in September.

Dillon, who plays Taylor Amber Mason, made history by being the first non-binary lead character in an American television series.

The first seven episodes of the fifth season aired as of May 2020, as they were shot before production was forced to halt due to the pandemic.

Fans will now have the opportunity to see the rest of the fifth season, with five episodes coming to our screens soon.

The first of them will premiere on September 5 through the streaming service Showtime in the United States and on September 8 through Sky Atlantic and NOW in the United Kingdom.

The Billions season continuation plot reads: “Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhodes have been unscrupulous adversaries and underhanded allies, but nothing has prepared them for the ruthless machinations of billionaire Mike Prince.

“He will use everything – and everyone – at his disposal to emerge victorious, and as alliances tear apart and new enemies emerge, everyone is embroiled in conflict, regardless of the consequences.”

The series also stars Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Corey Stoll, Condola Rashād, and Maggie Siff alongside Dillon and you can check out the intense trailer below.

Showtime boss Gary Levine also gave an update on the future of the series, as Variety said: “We shot part of the sixth season before some of the episodes of the fifth.”

This means that viewers might not have to wait too long for season six, as it appears that filming is well under way.

“We feel guilty that the public had to wait so long to see the rest of the fifth season. So we and the producers bowed our heads and said we had to move on,” he added.

Billions star Asia Kate Dillon talks about award categories based on gender

Dillon has also used his platform to start a conversation with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with the goal of promoting non-sexist performance categories at awards ceremonies.

They said it is “discriminatory to separate people based on their identity or their assigned sex at birth,” in an interview with Newsweek in 2020.

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They went on to add that “there certainly is a possibility” that the awards galas will have non-sexist categories and that they are “excited to keep pulling that band-aid off and having that conversation with whoever is in charge.”

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The Billions series is back with non-binary actress Asia Kate Dillion