the duo of Ladies at War returns with a delusional comedy


Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, United States / 2021). Address: Josh Greenbaum. Script: Kristen Wiig y Annie Mumolo. Photography: Toby Oliver. Edition: Steve Welch. Song: Christopher Lennertz and Dara Taylor. List: Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo, Jamie Dornan, Damon Wayans Jr. Available in: HBO Max. Our opinion: very good.

10 years ago it was released Ladies in war, that brilliant Paul Feig movie co-written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. By then, the film achieved the impossible: that a comedy led mostly by women made it to the Oscars. The feature film was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress for Melissa McCarthy, one of the most inspired nominations in recent years.

On Ladies in war The momentary breakdown of a friendship was recounted as a result of the disparate lives that Annie (Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) led, who finally managed to reconnect with those years of unconditionality as proof of their genuine love. On the other hand, the film emphasized physical humor, bringing out the best in its protagonists and outlining a kind of manifesto: women can also do eschatological humor. Mumolo y Wiig They only crossed paths in a single sequence, when Annie suffers a panic attack on the plane and an unknown passenger (Mumolo) splashed salt on her wound.

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The actresses and screenwriters have known each other since the early 2000s, thanks to The Groundlings, a Los Angeles-based improv group. Wiig herself said that the connection between the two was immediate, so they began to work together writing sketches. It’s hard to believe that it took a decade for the duo to meet again, and this time they did it with director Josh Greenbaum at the helm and with Mumulo in a co-starring role. At some point, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar connects with Ladies in war having two inseparable friends in the center, but its actresses kick the board with the tone that they give to the story, one that recalls the best parodies of the Zucker brothers and another film by the director who belonged to the “clan”: Crazy pilot academy, by Jim Abrahams. Also, certain references to Romy and Michele by David Mirkin, all in one indisputably package kitsch.

Barb (Mumulo) and Star (Wiig) are two middle-aged women who are comfortable in their daily lives in Soft Rock, Nebraska, where they work in the same business, share the same activities, and experience a life in loop. One of them is a widow, and the other has long since resigned herself to love after suffering a disappointment that still haunts her. When a shock makes them rethink their present, they decide to get out of the bubble and take a trip to Florida where they marvel at every new thing that shines before their eyes, from the plane to the snail bracelets.

Mumulo and Wiig capture the spirit of the tourist very well through a parodic look and various subplots that, in other hands, probably would not have worked. Because Barb y Star… It is not limited to showing only the stay of those friends in the luxurious hotel where they manage to stay. There is also a parallel story that shows a woman named Sharon (played by Wiig herself in the bizarre Cate Blanchett code) who seeks revenge on Vista Del Mar for a traumatic episode that she lived there in her childhood, a character that Wiig and Mumulo give to. a story of hilarious villainous origin and worthy of a spy film, another genre from which they draw for their parody.

Jamie Dornan, la revelación del film


Jamie Dornan, the revelation of the film (Archive /)

And if something was missing to crown the delirium, Jamie Dornan appears showing his comedian skills as the man who ends up falling in love with Star while working as a spy for Sharon. The protagonist of 50 shades of gray sings and dances with histrionics (the film has memorable musical sequences, such as the remix of “My Heart Will Go On”) and shows another facet as Chris Hemsworth had done in his time in Ghostbusters.

10 years after Ladies in war, Mumolo and Wiig returned with a more ambitious bet, a veritable house of cards that could collapse at any moment. However, the friends end up bringing everything to fruition in one of the comedies of the year, in yet another testament to their quest to reflect the story of a friendship from unconventional places, but with their hearts in the same place.

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the duo of Ladies at War returns with a delusional comedy