The E! True Hollywood Story returns with a new season


The series is about to premiere its new season where they will continue to investigate the most relevant stories in Hollywood.

(Photo: E! Entertainment)

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(Photo: E! Entertainment)

There is little left for the premiere of one of the most iconic series on channel E !, The E! True Hollywood Story returns with its second season where they will give a look at the lives of the biggest celebrities in the world.

When is The E! True Hollywood Story?

On Monday, August 9 at 10:50 PM (LATAM / BRA), E! Entertainment brings to Latin America the 2nd season of ¨E! True Hollywood Story¨.

The series that explores the history of great icons of pop culture to show us how they became a key point for a social and cultural change, told by their own protagonists and the people around them in a hand-in-hand with viewers.

Who are the celebrities who will appear on The E! True Hollywood Story?

The first episode will follow the journey of Grammy-winning artist Cardi B and her unprecedented rise to fame. Before conquering the music industry, he had to overcome adversity and health problems. In-depth interviews with prolific producer Mona Scott-Young, Picture Perfect, Maino, and more reveal how this legend built herself from the ground up while unapologetically keeping to herself.


A true Hollywood icon and heartthrob, Brad Pitt achieved superstar status. He struggled to get to the top and faced some tough personal challenges. Interviews with Brad’s ex-girlfriend EG Daily, co-star Michael Rapaport, and insiders talk about his tribulations and become the best version of himself.


Examine the whirlwind romance of today’s most mediatic couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and how their battle with the media, racism, family drama and royal traditions strengthened their bond.


A new generation of transgender actors, writers, producers, and directors, including Candis Cayne, Angelica Ross, Trace Lysette, and Ian Alexander, talk about breaking down barriers and building new industry standards in storytelling.


Elon Musk, Jay-Z, and Sara Blakely have several things in common: They all faced adversity and tragedy, fueling their ambition to fight for the best. The candid interviews share insights into the three business moguls who stood up to the status quo to rake in billions.


The biggest celebrities sometimes fall from grace. Robert Downey Jr. went from famous to infamous. Winona Ryder was Hollywood’s “golden girl” before her life fell apart, and Dave Chappelle just walked away when stardom became too unwieldy. Despite their setbacks, these three stars found their way back to the top.


Victoria’s Secret made models moguls and redefined the standard of beauty for an entire generation, but behind the scenes of this mega-retailer, there were controversies and an apparent culture of toxicity. In all new interviews, insiders discuss what really happened off the track.


When the rich and famous suddenly disappear under suspicious circumstances, the public searches for the truth. Interviews and stills will explore some of Hollywood’s most talked about cases, including Brittany Murphy, Whitney Houston, and the mysteries behind them.


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The E! True Hollywood Story returns with a new season