The physical change of Leslie Jones (‘Ghostbusters’) to his just 50 years

One of the protagonists of ‘Ghostbusters’ and the star of ‘Saturday Night Live’, Leslie Jones, has captivated social networks in recent days thanks to her incredible physical change. On September 7, the actress shared several photographs of the celebration of her 50th birthday (yes, no one believes it) and she could not be happier or more spectacular. His obvious weight loss seems to be the most characteristic of his new image, but this change goes further.

The comedian has been sharing her gym routine for months through Instagram, showing that she has become a whole fitness girl involved in the new trend: the workout. Jones has lost almost 20 kilos in the last half year, but all this in a responsible way, as we have seen in his personal account. And the best thing about it is that has become a great example for all.

The actress has vindicated with her change: the fight for adopt a much healthier habit. He does not seem happier now than before, he overflows with the same joy and energy, which is why his example is so positive. In most of his captions he comments on how strong he feels right now or how capable he is of doing certain things. And thanks to this, she receives hundreds of comments of thanks every day, especially for continuing to be herself and promoting sport, not losing weight due to social pressure.

At present, we can see her collaborating on ‘Saturday Night Live’, a program in which she has been participating since 2014. Although at the moment it is unknown if she has future plans at the film level, or if she has opted for a specific project. Fingers crossed to see her in a second part of ‘Ghostbusters’!

This is how he celebrated his 50th birthday

Beyond the different photos she shared on her Instagram account, the comedian wanted to remain true to her style and posted a funny video in a tweet. At, appears without makeup and in a bathrobe, dancing to the sound of a wild song and with a piece of cake in their hands. Thanks to his graceful dance, hundreds of Jones fans noticed his years, an age that he certainly does not appear to be.

The ‘Ghostbusters’ Easter Eggs

1 Slimmer

This was already known by almost everyone. His appearance in the first official trailer indicated that one of the fan-favorite villains (named Slimer in the original version) would have his dose of prominence in the new film. And so it is. Slimmer hasn’t changed much beyond its modern look thanks to the improved special effects. He is still as gluttonous and endearing as 30 years ago, but now he could have found a playmate … There it is.

2 The Marshmallow Man
The Marshmallow Man

In addition to being the official Ghostbusters mascot, The Marshmallow Man made a big splash in the first film directed by Ivan Reitman in 1984. When the villain Gozer transforms into this seemingly adorable and fluffy figure,

“I’m 50 bitches!”


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The physical change of Leslie Jones (‘Ghostbusters’) to his just 50 years