This is what Abigail Breslin, the protagonist of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ looks like now

Do you remember Little Miss Sunshine? A tape that recounts the journey of a family in an iconic yellow combi to the children’s beauty contest in which the youngest has been accepted: Olive Hoover.

The film was released in 2006 and it was a success, as it puts on the table the questioning of beauty standards that are accepted by the majority, but what happens when they are not met? In addition to this, the issue of family is also discussed, and each of its members presents peculiar problems that make them unique characters and that in the end show that the support of the family is invaluable.

Much of the success of the film is due to the charisma that its protagonist, Abigail Breslin, print your character. Something that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, which made her the fifth-youngest actress to be nominated in this category.

At that time the American actress was 10 years old. And despite being very young, he managed to conquer the public and go down in history in the cinema. But what happened to her?

This is what Abigail Breslin, the protagonist of 'Little Miss Sunshine' looks like now

Abigail is currently 25 years old – her birthday was April 14 – and she continues to work in the film industry, although without any character as representative as that of her childhood. His career has focused more on the horror and comedy genre. In 2009 he participated in ‘Zombieland’ and in 2015 he starred in ‘Final Girl’ alongside Alexander Ludwig. That same year he also participated in ‘Scream Queens’.

In 2019 Abigail returned with ‘Zombieland 2: Coup de grace’, and in November of last year she released her most recent work: ‘Stillwater’, a film that mixes hints of terror with comedy and that stars alongside Matt Damon.

The world of music has also caught the attention of the actress, which led her to release an album entitled ‘Janie Jones’ in 2011, but since then her singing career has not been constant nor has it finished taking off, since she only has four more singles.

This is what Abigail Breslin, the protagonist of 'Little Miss Sunshine' looks like now

In his personal life

The actress took advantage of her social networks to show her support for rape victims by taking advantage of her birthday. “Today is my birthday and April is also sexual assault prevention and awareness month. I want survivors like me to know that they are not alone. “

In April 2017, Abigail declared that she had been the victim of sexual abuse by one of her ex-boyfriends, and shared her testimony to support people who had gone through the same thing.

Today the actress is still attentive to this issue and does not miss the opportunity to show her support for the victims of these abuses by speaking about the issue and disseminating the activities of organizations that help to prevent sexual violence.

This year Abigail has suffered a severe blow, as her father died last February due to complications from Covid-19.

With the help of her current partner and messages from her fans, the actress has managed to cope with this situation little by little.

We are sure that we will soon hear about her new projects in film and television, as this actress still has a long career ahead of her.

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This is what Abigail Breslin, the protagonist of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ looks like now