Tim Roth only gives the trophy to the good guys

Canes. — The fragility of relationships in a paradisiacal environment in which the ghost of the Swedish director haunts Ingmar Bergman is the goal of Bergman island, the director’s new film Mia HansenLion to which its protagonist, Tim Roth, did not hesitate to say yes immediately.

Vicky Krieps came to the project a little later, almost about to start shooting, when the original protagonist, Greta Gerwig, he had to leave the project to film his new version of Little Women (2019), Hansen-Løve told THE UNIVERSAL.

Roth spoke about his relationship with Mexican cinema and recalled that it was he who catapulted the career of Michel Franco in Cannes by giving him the highest trophy in the A Certain Gaze section by awarding After Lucia in 2012, when the British actor was the president of the jury.

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“I’ll tell you something that I don’t think even Michel knows but when I saw the movie I was devastated and I thought a lot about how he would have managed to get those performances out of his cast. So before giving the award I asked Thierry fremaux (director of Festival from Cannes) to organize a meal where everyone would get together and for me to sit at a separate table without them knowing I was there because I wanted to observe how Michel behaved with his people and make sure he was a good person. It was after seeing and analyzing it very well that I had no hesitation in giving him the trophy, ”shared Roth.

French director Mia Hansen-L øve, alongside her protagonists, present Bergman island, in Cannes.

At his side, the actress Vicky Krieps He jumped out of the seat and said: “So for you it is important that the creator is also a good person, right?”

“Of course! It always has been, ”replied the British actor.

7 MOVIES he has directed Mia Hansen-Løve, in addition to two short films; He has also excelled in acting.

Both actors, who play a couple of American filmmakers for inspiration they come to the island of Fårö, where the Swedish filmmaker lived, they did not hesitate to connect this idea with the reference in the film, in which the question arises whether someone like Bergman, a man who knew himself cruel on and off the set, deserves to have all the veneration given to him as an author despite his questioned personal demeanor.

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And while its actors do not doubt that the congruence between person and creator is important, for Mia the issue is much more complicated.

“Yes, it is true that we talk a lot about this today but I wrote the film before #MeToo. Of course there will be many things that will resonate with what is happening today but I did not write them with that in mind. Here we enter into the eternal discussion of whether we can separate the artist from his work and for me the answer is yes. I do not have a moral point of view of Bergman, I did not know him personally, the only argument I have is that of course great artists can be cruel, it is not something new, if Bergman was cruel in his life it is not something that has to do with my films, “he said. .

“When I saw (Franco’s) movie I was devastated. So I wanted to see what Michel was like, make sure he was good ”, Tim Roth, actor

Krieps and Roth play an inspirational filmmaker couple who come to the island where Ingmar Bergman lived.

Silent territory

Something undeniable is that Ingmar Bergman is very present throughout the film and making a film in his territory was an important element.

“Bergman is a director I have followed since I started studying acting. However, when you get to the island where he lived, the truth is that you are not prepared for what you are going to see, you get on the ferry to that place and you do not know what is going to happen. And when you get off it is a very different world, it was a very quiet place, something that I really enjoyed, I think doing that path for the characters in that magical setting was a privilege, “Roth recalled.

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The feature film, whose cast is completed by the actors My Wasikowska, Different Danielsen Lie, Joel Spira, Oscar trip, Jonas Larsson Grönström, Clara Bush, Wouter Hendrickx, Gabe Klinger, Teodor Abreu, Felix Berg, Grace Delrue, Matthew Lessner and Kerstin Brunnberg, will arrive in Mexico through Cinépolis.

Who was Bergman?

The Swedish director and screenwriter (1918-2007) is considered one of the key film directors of the second half of the 20th century.

Construction site. Some of his most acclaimed films are The Maiden Spring, Fanny and Alexander, The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries.

Awards. He was the winner of four Oscars, six awards at Cannes and six more at the Venice International Film Festival and several nominations, such as BAFTA.


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Tim Roth only gives the trophy to the good guys