Wednesday Addams and part of the cast of this plot by Tim Burton

More and more the expectation before Wednesday Addams and his very particular family. Thus, Netflix recently revealed the main cast of this production led by Tim Burton.

Here figures like Catherine Zeta Jones will be at the helm of this family like Morticia. She and some of the other figures promise to present many surprises and reveal mysteries about each of these characters that will surely delight the public.

And although there are still loyal fans of actors like Anjelica Huston, Raúl Juliá and Christina Ricci who turned this story into a classic, Today this plot promises to innovate and make new faces another generational “boom” especially because it comes from the hand of a master of cinema, television and now the streaming giant.

Wednesday Addams and part of the cast of this plot by Tim Burton

Since it was known that Burton would be in charge of this production, rumors arose, but at the same time many expectations to be discovered who would be the actors who would be at the forefront of this new story focused on Wednesday.

Therefore, the first name to be revealed was that of the older sister of the Addams family. She will be played by actress Jenna Ortega.

She is a very famous American actress and writer which became very popular once it was part of the children’s series Caught in the middle of the Disney Channel. She has a brilliant career on and off the camera, having even lent her voice to Disney’s Princess Elizabeth.

Another of the figures that joins this important cast is Thora Birch, she will play Tamara. “Wednesday’s dorm mom and the only ‘normal’ on the Nevermore Academy staff with a focus on all things botanical, as indicated by the synopsis of his character.

Thora also started acting at a very young age and managed to penetrate the taste of the audience after their participation on projects like Hocus Pocus, American Beauty, The Hole and Ghost World.

Moosa Mostafa is one of the newer additions. He will play Eugene Otinger. His character is described as: “One of the quirkier students from Nevermore Academy and president of the school’s beekeeping club. “

He has been part of important projects such as Nativity Rocks and since then his name has been replicated in several productions like this one in which he must show his irreverence.

It also highlights the incorporation of Emma Myers who will play Enid Sinclair, a young Californian who is part of a pack of werewolves in San Francisco and who She will be Wednesday’s roommate.

She is a young actress who has captivated audiences after being part of films such as Letters to God and A taste of Christmas.

There will also be the participation of Percy Hynes White who will play Xavier Thorpe and is described in the Netflix synopsis as: “A student from Nevermore Academy charismatic and supernaturally artistic, that comes from wealth thanks to his famous psychic father ”.

He has gothic features that Burton loves so much and that are adapted to their characters. Percy is a prominent Canadian actor who gained popularity after his role in The Gifted.

While Hunter Doohan’s fans are happy because he will play Tyler Galpin, a villager who is the son of the city sheriff and who will have a very particular friendship with Wednesday.

This guy has stood out for being part of some ambitious projects that have given him all the success in his career such as: Dilema, Your Honor, Shooled, among others.

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Wednesday Addams and part of the cast of this plot by Tim Burton