What if Edward Norton was still the Hulk in the MCU

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The incredible Hulk It is the second film made by Marvel after Iron-Man, which came out a year earlier in 2007, this is where details began to be seen about a world of connected superheroes that would shape what is now known as the MCU.

But just as it was released, Marvel also forgot it almost immediately, it was changed to the Hulk actor to Avengers and the events that occurred in New York have not been remembered or mentioned.

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Until this phase four of the MCU we have seen Marvel rescue some forgotten plots and characters, such as the Mandarin or the Abomination that came out right in this movie, so the question arises as to what would have happened if the film had had a sequel.

We know there was no sequel to Edward Norton’s departure and that the rights to make a solo movie of the character still belong to Universal, but that hasn’t stopped the actor from revealing that he had more plans for the green monster.

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The actor has commented that upon joining the MCU he signed a contract for two films and not only as an actor, he was also involved in the production of The incredible Hulk by co-writing the script and coming up with the plan for the sequel.

But due to creative differences with Marvel, he left the MCU entirely; the studio allegedly claimed that he wanted to have excessive control over everything, while Norton has said he was annoyed that from the first film his vision was limited.

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From what little the actor has said after his split and fight with Marvel about what he wanted to do for the sequel, is that he envisioned Bruce Banner as “a conscious dreamer, someone who can endure the journey.”

The idea I had was to make a representation of the green monster more grounded in reality, type Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan, with the first part of the story where Banner was vulnerable and fearful of losing control of the Hulk.

In the sequel, Banner would have been seen in control of his transformation, even the final scene of the first film shows that after many days without changing and with concentration, Bruce’s eyes turn green as if he had chosen him.

It is also almost certain that in the second installment of Edward Norton as the Hulk, including that Marvel and Universal had made a deal, it is that the transformation of Samuel Sterns (the Blue Lord) to the villain of the comics The Leader would appear.

Let’s remember that in the movie, this scientist who first tries to help Banner, but ends up collaborating in creating the Abomination, suffers a head injury and the Hulk’s blood drips into his brain, causing the beginning of a mutation.

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Another plot that would not have been forgotten would be the relationship between Banner and Betty Rossm because after the movie, the longtime girlfriend in the comics has not appeared in the MCU, except for a recent chapter of the series. What if…?

With the relationship that developed between the Hulk and Black Widow in the movies, it would have been interesting to see a love triangle involving Betty and Natasha as Dr. Banner’s potential romantic interests.

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How about Norton’s idea of ​​a more realistic Hulk, do you think Marvel should try something like that with Mark Ruffalo?

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What if Edward Norton was still the Hulk in the MCU