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14.45 / Hollywood

‘How to conquer Hollywood’

Get shorty. United States, 1995 (100 minutes). Director: Barry Sonnenfeld. Performers: John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo.

Barry Sonnenfeld makes, on a novel by Elmore Leonard and the role of John Travolta, another fun study of the fauna of Hollywood. With a great sense of humor, he tells the life of a mafia thug who goes outside the classic canons of the character – instead of killing the defaulter that his bosses order him, he wants to collaborate with him on the script of a movie – and becomes in film producer.

15.15 / Movistar Action

‘Sleepy Hollow’

United States, 1999 (97 minutes). Director: Tim Burton. Performers: Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon.

The always surprising Tim Burton once again showed that after Ed Wood he was still in a state of grace with this tale of gothic horror, spiced up with very successful touches of comedy and a careful setting. Inspired by the famous Washington Irving tale, it tells the story of a New York police inspector who goes to a remote town, Sleepy Hollow, to investigate the gruesome murders committed by a legendary headless horseman.

16.55 / Movistar Drama

‘Saving Private Ryan’

Saving Private Ryan. United States, 1998 (162 minutes). Director: Steven Spielberg. Cast: Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Edward Burns, Tom Sizemore, Jeremy Davis, Vin Diesel.

Undoubtedly, one of the great war productions in the history of cinema and one of the most violent and stark portraits of World War II. In it, the King Midas of cinema, Steven Spielberg, does, as was the case in Schindler’s List and The Sun’s empire, a deep reflection on this armed conflict following the best tradition of war cinema with deep anti-war convictions. Splendid cast, led by an impressive Tom Hanks, for an Oscar-winning film that achieved resounding success around the world and with which Spielberg pays tribute to those who participated in that war. Very good.

18.10 / AXN White

‘The Score (A masterstroke)’

The score. United States, 2001 (119 minutes). Director: Frank Oz. Performers: Robert de Niro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando.

Having Robert de Niro and Marlon Brando in a movie is a luxury. But it is no less true that this privilege should not have belonged to Frank Oz, an irregular director who combines successes such as In & out and failures like Bowfinger, the rogue. Thus, an entertaining example of cinema about perfect robberies that raised its quality thanks to the talent of both godparents.

18.51 / Movistar Comedy

‘Heroes out of orbit’

Galaxy Quest. United States, 1999 (98 minutes). Director: Dean Parisot. Performers: Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub.

Dean Parisot had a well-known and unbalanced cast, led by Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver, to shoot this entertaining, if not brilliant, parody of the hit cult series Star Trek. Some gags with grace and little else for a film that responds to almost all the topics of commercial cinema.

20.50 / Movistar Releases

Rozalén live

Rozalén live concert, presenting some of the songs from her album The tree and the forest and Valdivia, second winner of the new talent contest, Movistar + Rookies sessions. Both artists will coincide on stage performing Lux, original theme of Valdivia. And they will talk with the presenter Arturo Paniagua, about their respective careers, and their work as songwriters.

20.45 / The 1

Spain visits Sweden

The Spanish team returns to the competition to face the final stretch of the group stage for the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualification. Luis Enrique’s men will face Sweden tonight at the Friends Arena stadium in Solna. This is the first qualifying match that the national team will play in a decisive week (Georgia, on Sunday, and the Kosovo Football Federation next Wednesday). Spain has 7 points and is the leader of group B after defeating Georgia and the Kosovo Football Federation and drawing with Greece.

22.00 / TNT


United States, 1995 (122 minutes). Director: David Fincher. Performers: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Seven are the deadly sins and seven are the crimes of a serial killer on which the plot of this violent and oppressive revolves. thriller Directed by David Fincher. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play a pair of detectives who must solve the case. Opposite they will have a Kevin Spacey in one of his most memorable roles. The film featured successful photography by Darius Khondji. A visceral horror show full of interest from the memorable opening credits to its explosive and unexpected ending.

22.00 / Movistar Premieres

Tribute to the iconic Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa died at just 52 years old, but he was able to leave behind an incredible musical work of more than 60 albums. Luckily for his fans, this is not the only thing, he also left an impressive visual archive composed of intimate moments with his family, interviews and performances. Alex Winter had the privilege of accessing this marvel to build the best portrait of this music giant guided by Zappa himself and his private archives. This tribute to the iconic artist, titled Zappa, he reviews his personal life and his artistic side as a rock star and composer, and counts on some of his allies in music such as Mike Keneally, Ian Underwood or Steve Vai, in addition to his widow. A biography worthy of the artist that perfectly captures the charisma of this virtuoso of music.

22.00 / Hollywood

‘After Earth’

United States, 2013 (95 minutes). Director: M. Night Shyamalan. Performers: Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo, Zoë Kravitz.

After working together on the drama Looking for happiness, Will and Jaden Smith (father and son both in real life and in this film) meet again in a commercial sci-fi installment. Now both (although the protagonism falls to the youngest of the Smiths) must survive in a dehumanized and dangerous Earth.

22.30 / Sundance TV

Fourth season of ‘the new nurses’

In this fourth season consisting of six episodes and which takes place in the summer of 1953, the governor decides to hire the vice-matron Elisabeth, the former Saint Helene nursing chief, as a result of the merger between the Fredenslund and Saint Helene hospitals. Her strict facade and polite smile actually hide an intriguing woman. The merger will also bring in a new student, Marie, who quickly catches Bjørn’s attention even though she notices some strange behavior. What secrets can the new student hide?

22.30 / The Sixth

Wine night in ‘The Undercover Boss’

La Sexta reissues the delivery of The undercover boss dedicated to one of the most famous wineries found in Spain, Matarromera. The director of operations of the winery group infiltrates in the middle of the harvest season. The boss will witness the consequences of the conflicts between day laborers, the lack of personnel in the field and will realize the harshness of the night grape harvest.

22.35 / The 1

‘And yes yes…?’ parody horror movies


Under the title It is never too late if the Ouija is good, this sixth installment of ¿Y si si… ?, will have horror films as its main character. The program will enter the workshop of the Masters of Torture, they will present a vampire who does not respect safety distances, they will dance to the rhythm of the most musical deniers, they will be at a dinner with a mobster with a heartburn and they will witness one of the scary parenting tutoring. As always, it will feature actors such as Jaime Ordóñez, Martita de Graná, El Aberroncho or Javier Losán, who will share the bill with humor regulars such as Comandante Lara, Sara Escudero, Denny Horror or Vicente Ruidos.

22.45 / Antenna 3

‘Father there is only one’

Spain, 2019 (96 minutes). Director: Santiago Segura. Interpreters: Santiago Segura, Toni Acosta, Silvia Abril, Leo Harlem.

Santiago Segura returns to doing what he does best, connecting with the general public. Now he does it through a carefree family man who comes face to face with the reality of dealing with five children (between four and twelve years old) when his wife decides to go on a trip and leave him alone with them. Easy but effective humor for a nice family comedy.

22.50 / Four

‘9-1-1’ closes its season

The personnel of the emergency service of 9-1-1 They face today three new challenges in this season finale. In the first installment, The Escaped, the Los Angeles emergency unit goes to a burning apartment building, where they will carry out a risky rescue to try to save a blind woman trapped inside. In the second chapter, Powerless, They undertake the rescue of a girl who is in a hot air balloon out of control. And finally, And now that?, where they face a complex situation: the derailment of a train.

23.00 / Movistar Fest

‘Billy Elliot (I want to dance)’

Billy Elliot. United Kingdom, 2000 (106 minutes). Director: Stephen Daldry. Performers: Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Gary Lewis.

Stephen Daldry, an author from the world of theater, made his debut in the making of feature films with this beautiful film that portrays an 11-year-old boy’s passion for dance in an invented town in the English county of Durham in the middle of the conflict of the mining strikes in the UK in the mid-1980s. Jamie Bell, chosen from more than 2,000 candidates, stars in this story, which won two Bafta Awards from the British Academy and added three Oscar nominations.

23.00 / Telecinco

End of ‘The Last Supper’

Cristina Cifuentes and Lucía Dominguín face Lydia Lozano and Carmen Borrego in the final duel that will take place in the grand final of The Last Supper. Both couples will cook for the group of diners and will try to conquer them with their respective gastronomic proposals. Belén Esteban, as the winner of the previous edition, will go to deliver the Golden Mortar to the couple who win.

23.55 / Movistar Classics

‘Fried Green Tomatoes’

Fried green tomatoes. United States, 1991 (124 minutes). Director: Jon Avnet. Performers: Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson.

A nursing home and the relationship established between an adorable old lady (Tandy) and a housewife tired of her monotonous life (Bates) shape this commercial film that, although sometimes a bit tiring, is very entertaining, thank you, above all, to its excellent leading quartet. A film of memories and deep friendships directed by a director who has already demonstrated in his Betwen two women, telefilm awarded with a emmy, his concern for feminine concerns. Remarkable.

0.53 / Movistar CineÑ

‘The holy innocents’

Spain, 1983 (103 minutes). Director: Mario Camus. Interpreters Francisco Rabal, Alfredo Landa, Terele Pávez.

Adaptation of the novel by Miguel Delibes that was one of the great international successes of Spanish cinema. Cannes awarded this film, which portrays an exploited and marginalized family in Spain in the sixties. Good technical and artistic work for a rural drama that offers an x-ray of the misery and abuse of a not so distant time. Realistic, and with Paco Rabal and Alfredo Landa embroidering their papers.

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