Your face sounds familiar to me: Where have you seen Noel Fisher, Mickey from ‘Shameless’ and a Ninja Turtle

It is very likely that if you hear the name of Noel Fisher, a part of you will say “yes, I know him”, at the same time that another is unable to remember his face. Surely, the cause of this is that the Canadian actor, who turns 35 this March 13, for a large part of his career he has devoted himself to having capitular roles in series known to the general public, and to perform secondary characters in fictions and movies with thousands of followers.

Perhaps the most important role of his career (and the one that has caused the most media coverage) has been that of the young criminal Mickey Milkovich in the series ‘Shameless (US)’. In the Showtime fiction, Fisher won the affection of fans by acting as a repressed homosexual in Chicago’s most troubled suburbs, with a main plot consisting of the evolution of his relationship with Ian Gallegher (Cameron Monaghan) and the acceptance of their sexual orientation.

Your face sounds familiar to me: Noel Fisher

1 ‘The Sheldon Kennedy Story’
'The Sheldon Kennedy Story'

Noel Fisher takes his first steps in front of the cameras playing the young version of Sheldon Kennedy in the tv movie ‘The Sheldon Kennedy Story’, based on the life of the Canadian ice hockey player, known for publicly denouncing the sexual abuse of his trainer Graham James in 1998. Fisher would play a young man with an abusive father who sees his signing as a professional gamer as the perfect opportunity to put his life behind him, but his character couldn’t be more wrong.

2 ‘X-Men’

One year after landing his first role, The actor begins to voice the villain Toad in the animated series ‘X-Men’, which would remain on the air for four seasons. In it he acts as a man with a long tongue, amphibian skills and the ability to expel acid through his mouth. During that time, in addition, he would lend his voice to the character of Tigrillo in the series ‘Hamtaro’.

3 ‘Final destination 2’
'Final destination 2'

One of his first roles in the American film industry would come from the horror saga ‘Final Destination’. In its sequel, Fisher would play Brian Gibbons, a character whose death is not predicted by the protagonist before a chain road accident occurs, but that just happens. He is a farmer who watches collisions occur, and who tries to help once they occur. He will die a year later as a result of an explosion during a family meal.

Final destination 2 in eCartelera

4 ‘The Riches’
'The Riches'

In the series ‘The Riches’ Noel Fisher played Cael Malloy, the eldest son of a family of fraudulent artists and criminals who they will be forced to abandon their lives as nomads when they accidentally run over and kill the Riches, a wealthy family that they will supplant in order to lead a better life, but not without facing the complications of a context and situations to which they are not used.

5 ‘Shameless’

In 2011 Noel Fisher began to play the criminal Mickey Milkovich in the series ‘Shameless’. First as a regular character who with the passing of the seasons becomes the protagonist, Mickey will begin to have sporadic sexual relations with Ian Gallegher, at the same time that he represses his sexuality and is in and out of prison with some frequency. Despite the internal and external problems they face, the two characters will eventually accept each other and form a couple.

6 ‘Dawn Part 2’
'Dawn Part 2'

The interpreter would also participate with a small role in one of the most important teenage sagas of recent years: ‘Twilight’; specifically in ‘Amacener: Part 2’ putting himself in Vladimir’s shoes, a Romanian Clan vampire who seeks revenge against the Volturi, who caused the fall of his empire 15 centuries ago.

Dawn: Part 2 in eCartelera

7 ‘Commerce’

Starring Joel Gretsch, Annabeth Gish and Noel Fisher, ‘Commerce’ focuses on the life of Ken, a businessman who, after receiving a threat that could separate him from his family, attends a meeting decisive for his future in an unusual place: the bus that takes him to the city that gives the film its name. Filmmaker Lisa Robertson is in charge of directing the film and signing its script.

8 ‘Hatfields & McCoys’
'Hatfields & McCoys'

The historical miniseries ‘Hatfields & McCoys’, one of the great successes of the History channel in the United States, revolves around the conflict between the Hatfields and McCoys families, settled during the second half of the 19th century on the border between Kentucky and West Virginia. The fiction, where Fisher had a supporting role playing Ellison Mounts, received 16 Emmy Award nominations, where Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger won the awards for best actor and best supporting actor in the miniseries category.

9 ‘Ninja Turtles’
'Ninja Turtles'

In 2014 he would lend his voice (and movement) to play Miguelangelo, one of the four famous ninja turtles in ‘Ninja Turtles’, and he would repeat his role in 2016 in ‘Ninja Turtles: Out of the shadows’. On the tape, which is an origin story, Four brothers will rise from the sewers to become the heroes New York City needs, plunged into darkness due to the actions of the villainous Shredder and his evil Foot Clan.

Ninja Turtles in eCartelera

However, its beginnings in the entertainment world date back to 1999, when At the age of 14, he received his first role in the TV movie ‘The Sheldon Kennedy Story’. A year later he would lend his voice to Sapo, one of the main villains of the animated series ‘X-Men: Evolution’, which ended in 2003.

Film and television

‘Two and a Half Men’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Law and Order’, ‘Bones’ or ‘Criminal Minds’ are some of the fictions in which he has appeared as a guest; although in his career, which we review below, we find a wide range of records: from the vampire Vladimir in the ‘Twilight’ saga to Michelangelo in the ‘Ninja Turtles’.


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Your face sounds familiar to me: Where have you seen Noel Fisher, Mickey from ‘Shameless’ and a Ninja Turtle