Alpitour: the first two months of the Trevolution exceeding all expectations

Well, indeed very well, so much so as to exceed every rosiest expectation. Despite the still delicate context, the Trevolution branded Alpitour could not have started better. A little less than two months after the start of the reorganization process of the group’s offer into three distinct product clusters (mainstream, specialties & goal oriented, as well as seamless & no frills), with the relative rationalization of the brands which went from ten to seven , the first balance of the operation is decidedly positive. “Even on those elements that we considered most critical of the entire process, including the merger of Bravo and Eden Village – said the head of marketing of the group, Tommaso Bertini, on the occasion of a webinar organized today by Guida Viaggi -. The conversion of the Pesaro brand to the seamless pillar went better than expected: a product that has indeed shown itself in this two-month period to be able to perform better than everyone else, as a percentage of the initial budget forecasts “.

And it doesn’t stop there, because there are many innovations in the pipeline: “In recent months we have worked hard on the differentiation of the mainstream product, in order to assign to each of our brands, Alpitour, Francorosso and Bravo, their precise market connotation – added the chief product officer and interim cluster manager, Franco Campazzo, -. Now the challenge is to find something new to offer. Also because we have a company at home, Neos, which bought it during the pandemic two additional 787 Dreamliners: carriers that we have a responsibility to fill“.

At specialties & goal oriented, the main novelty to come is the forthcoming inauguration of a new product line created in partnership with Gabetti Short Rent: “It will allow the use of luxury villas in numerous destinations, from the Caribbean to Italy to the whole Mediterranean – said the head of the pillar, Paolo Guariento -. We will also insert a new flight over the Maldives, with the links going from two to three, to which they will add two unpublished exclusives on the destination for Turisanda“. No shortage of rooms, therefore, for Alpitour, despite the rumors that speak of strong competition from international markets on some destinations served by the available “corridors”: “We have been able to exploit our consolidated partnerships – underlined Guariento -. And now we can even think about increasing the offer, always ready to open sales to all those destinations that will become accessible over time “.

Focus on new destinations, finally, also for the seamless & no frills trend. All this while continuing, however, “to focus on the point-to-point product, so as not to invade the tailor made segment that belongs to the pillar specialties – concluded the head of the third cluster, Massimo Mariani -. We then intend to strengthen the narrative and story-telling component, to continue to give the right answers to a target made up of travelers who do not see hotels as an end but as a means of their holiday. From February 2022 on the summer catalogs we will therefore propose a large series of promotions and proposals, dedicated to the activities that can be carried out within our destinations, in terms of catering, entertainment, transport … “. All in view of the construction of a product capable of winning the competition from do-it-yourself and OTAs, leveraging on price and guarantee of services and peace of mind for agencies and end customers.

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Alpitour: the first two months of the Trevolution exceeding all expectations

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