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JAKARTA – Good news is back for the fans Anggi Marito. This talented singer released a single entitled Cara Cintamu which became his first single after the eleventh season of the Indonesian Idol talent search event in April 2021.

Single Cara Cintamu is a creation by Robinson Lokang & Mario G Klau. This song is very suitable for the character of Anggi Marito’s voice with the color of pop ballad music which is Anggi’s first song choice. Not only that, this song was beautifully arranged by Tohpati, who has often reaped the success of a number of Indonesian artists or music groups thanks to his cold hands in arranging songs.

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Annoying, Anggi Marito sings already in love

Single Cara Cintamu tells about the struggle and sacrifice to maintain love for a partner.

“This song is a struggle to maintain love and sacrifice for the people we love, although sometimes our struggle and sacrifice are never appreciated,” said Anggi Marito.

In accordance with the color of the music chosen, with a choice of soft tones, the arrangement of this song has a sad atmosphere, very fitting with the combination of lyrics and music.

Coupled with the vocal quality of Anggi Marito, there is no doubt for a newcomer to the Indonesian music industry. Anggi Marito shows high-pitched techniques in some parts and makes this song even more beautiful.

“When I was sent a demo of this song for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the song, maybe because I have relate to my love story before, I only heard it twice and I immediately memorized the song. Even on the day of recording, I really prepared mentally and tried to bring back the old memories which we think can help me put “feel” in this song, said Anggi Marito about the creative process of making the song.”

Music video concept

Not only audio, this single Cara Cintamu is also supported by a music video that took place in Bogor by taking an outdoor location. According to Anggi Marito, the concept of the music video takes a storyline that is in line with the mood of the song.

The production process was considered quite tiring and had experienced rain problems, but the results, according to Anggi Marito, were very satisfying. Many changes occurred during the process, but it made the results very good.

“Filming the music video even though it was tiring but really fun. I’ve never hiked before, and I’ve never played in the forest, I really enjoy getting new experiences. It was raining, so the storyline that was made earlier had to be changed on the spot and immediately looked for other alternatives. And thankfully, the new storyline is no less good than the previous concept, said Anggi Marito.

Through the single Cara Cintamu, Anggi Marito hopes that the song can relate to listeners who may have the same experience. In addition, he also hopes that this song will be liked and will become a solid foundation for Anggi Marito to work in the future.

“This song can be heard by everyone, but this song can really relate to people out there who may be struggling to maintain their love, never give up even though sometimes their partner doesn’t want to do the same thing.

More curious, right? listen to the song on all digital music platforms and enjoy the lyric video and music video on Anggi Marito’s YouTube account.

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Anggi Marito Surprises in Single How To Love You : Okezone Celebrity

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