Burkina Faso: powerless in the face of jihadist attacks, the government resigns

Burkina Faso powerless in the face of jihadist attacks the

The resigning Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Christophe Joseph Dabiré, January 24, 2019. OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP The government of Burkina Faso resigned on Wednesday, December 8, after several demonstrations by the population denouncing its inability to fight against the recurring jihadist attacks which mourn this West African country every week. Christophe Joseph Dabiré, … Read more

Salmon gets help, glass eels have to figure it out themselves – Without a helping hand, the French salmon, Chinook and eel disappear – Foodlog

Salmon gets help glass eels have to figure it out

In a recent documentary on French TV, journalist Hugo Clément goes in search of French salmon. Because although salmon is the most eaten fish in France, it is mainly Scottish and Norwegian farmed salmon on the table. But there is also the French wild salmon. The French wild salmon is a migratory fish. To reproduce, … Read more

“Vladimir Poutine has never mourned neither the Soviet Union nor the Ukraine”

Vladimir Poutine has never mourned neither the Soviet Union nor

Chronic. Strange coincidence? The video interview that Joe Biden and Vladimir Poutin had on Tuesday, December 7, corresponds exactly to the thirtieth anniversary of a momentous episode in the collapse of the Soviet Union, certainly marked with a black stone in the mind. of the current Russian president. In both cases, Ukraine is the center … Read more

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: the differences between the book and the movie

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone the differences between the

Liliana carmonaDecember 7, 2021 – 18:53 The first film hit theaters in 2001 Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add It was in 2001 that the movie hit theaters ‘Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, becoming a success that spread to a franchise of 7 films and 6 books, … Read more

Astronomers Feature In Detail Gigantic Cluster Of Galaxies

Astronomers Feature In Detail Gigantic Cluster Of

Italian astronomers performed X-ray observations of the massive cluster of galaxies ClG-J104803.7 + 313843, using ESA’s XMM-Newton spacecraft. The results of the observational campaign shed more light on the properties of this cluster. the clusters of galaxies contain up to thousands of galaxies joined by gravity. They are the largest known gravitationally binding structures in … Read more

Testo & ConTesto: gIANMARIA’s passages tell us about the minus sign of existence. A cursed modern poet?

Testo ConTesto gIANMARIAs passages tell us about the minus

X FACTOR 2021 gIANMARIA texts… the address book returns Text & ConText, in which our Latin teacher analyzes the lyrics of the songs. Today Davide Misiano pays special attention to the most original pen of the latest edition of X Factor, analyzing some of his passages. To him the word … gIANMARIA I like it, … Read more

In Germany, the subtle balances of the government of the “traffic light” coalition

In Germany the subtle balances of the government of the

The new German government. STAFF / REUTERS The new German government is complete. After the Greens, on November 25, the Liberals (FDP) and Social Democrats (SPD) in turn gave the names of their ministers, Sunday 5 and Monday 6 December, before the team was officially invested, Wednesday December 8, after the election of Olaf Scholz … Read more

Torr vinterhy – Food Pharmacy-podden #213 – Food Pharmacy

Torr vinterhy – Food Pharmacy podden 213 – Food Pharmacy

Food Pharmacy Store ABs integritetspolicy Food Pharmacy Store AB (“Food Pharmacy”) works to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. Food Pharmacy is responsible for the personal data you send to us in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy policy, we inform you about why and in what … Read more

Russia sends Japanese billionaire into space

Russia sends Japanese billionaire into space

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is about to take off from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on December 8, 2021. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV / AFP Russia is set to make a comeback in the lucrative business of orbital tourism, sending a Japanese billionaire into space on a rocket bound for the International Space Station (ISS). On Wednesday, December 8, the … Read more

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